Monday, June 18, 2007

ITAMI International Craft Exhibition 2007

Deadline: July 27, 2007

ITAMI International
Craft Exhibition 2007

Fri., October 26 - Sun., November 25, 2007

Theme: Jewellery

For the applicants from overseas:

The theme of the competition this year is: Jewellery. We have taken up Jewellery as the theme six times since the competition started. With every competition held, the number of the applicants and their works of art has steadily increased and there has been a wider variety of the nationalities of the applicants, which has made us feel appreciative and proud; it seems that this tendency indicates our exhibition has been becoming known.

Jewellery must focus on its wearer. Indeed jewellery design changes explicitly and implicitly with the times, but people love jewellery in any time and at any place and jewellery makes its wearers feel happy. In other words, the choice of jewellery is affected by the situation in which the wearers find themselves - even by the cultural backgrounds or by their physical and emotional conditions.

We hope all the applicants will turn kind and friendly eyes on people who wear the works.

Grand Prix
\600,000 for 1 artist
Itami Award
\400,000 for 1 artist
Gold Award
\300,000 for 1 artist
Good Design Award
\200,000 for 1 artist
presented by U I (Yu-Ai) Group
Good Material Award
\100,000 for 1 artist
presented by Satake Glass Co. Ltd.
Awards for Promising Talents (Koyosha Award)
\100,000 for each of 2 artists
presented by Koyosha Co. Ltd.
Judge's Choices
\50,000 for each of 3 artists
Exhibition of Selected Works
Dates: Friday, October 26 - Sunday, November 25, 2007
Place: B1F Temporary Exhibition Room
in The Museum of Arts & Crafts -ITAMI-
Lizzy Yoo/ Professor
College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Korea
Norman Cherry/ School Head
School of Jewelry, UCE Birmingham, UK
MIKI Minoru/ President
Japan Jewellery Designers Association
NAGAI Erico/ Jewellery Artist
KASUYA Akiko/ Chief Curator
The National Museum of Art, Osaka
HATTORI Shigeki/ Designer
President/ "graf"
Assistant Professor/ Course of Interior Product Design / Faculty of Design, Kyoto Seika University
WASHIDA Kiyokazu/ Vice President
Osaka University, Japan
This is an open competition. Individuals or groups are equally welcome.
Maximum of Entries
There is no limitation of the maximum of entries. You can submit any number of works of art. Each piece is counted and judged as one work even if several pieces make up a set. The judges except the accessories or attachments for display from consideration. The Exhibition organizer decides whether to display the accessories or attachments together with your works.
You can freely choose any kind of material in your works of art. You can even compound a variety of materials in a work.
Requirements - price, weight etc.

Basic requirements:
There are not any limitations as to the size or volume of each work, but your artwork is judged if and only if it meets the basic requirements below:
It is not particularly fragile.
It is not difficult to carry or display.
The work has to be the complete, original, and unreleased work of the applicants.
The maximum price for the set of works may not exceed \100,000.

Additional requirements:
If you are going to send your work from overseas, you should be careful about these additional requirements:
Be sure to pack a set of your works in a box.
Don't use any int'l shipment service like that of FedEx
(TM), but be sure to send the package by postal service.

Registration Fee

Student: \4,000 or Non-student: \8,000
Shipping Charge: \3,000
If you want to have your works returned, you have to pay the shipping charge \3,000. See the column of Return of Works.
Once paid, the fee will not be refunded for any reason, whether you submit your works or not.

The applicants outside Korea:
International Postal Money Order (not cash)
Send the money order with the photocopy of Form A to:
The Museum of Arts and Crafts ITAMI
2-5-28 Miyanomae Itami
HYOGO 664-0895

Bank Remittance
Remit the fee and the charge to:
Account number: 4474106
Name of Bank:
Name of Branch: Itami Branch, Japan
Swift Code: SMBCJTP

The applicants from Korea only:
As long as you are in Korea, you can choose to pay the fee into the account below:
Account Holder:
International Craft Exhibition -Itami- Executive Office
Account number: 2211-001791
Name of Branch: Osaka Branch, Japan
e-mail: HYPERLINK ""
Phone: +81-6-6630-2600

Registration Deadline

Visit the Webs

Notification of Results

We will promptly notify the competition results to the applicants by e-mail. You are not allowed to inquire by phone. We will not be prepared to answer complaints about the results or to accommodate your requests for explanation about the results.

Awarding Ceremony

Date: Saturday, October 27, 2007
Place: The Museum of Arts & Crafts -ITAMI-


We will retain 30% of the price you have named as commissions. If your works are selected for the exhibition, we'll send you an official letter to inform you of the payment way and date.


The Museum of Arts & Crafts -ITAMI-
(ITAMI International Craft Exhibition Executive Office)
Inquiry by email is preferred.
Phone: +81-72-772-5557
Fax: +81-72-772-5558

This is the guideline exclusively for the applicants from overseas. If you are to apply from somewhere in Japan, contact us to ask for the guideline for the domestic applicants ; there's some differences in the way to register as an applicant.

Application A 336kb

Application B 220kb

Visit the website for complete details: