Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Nave Gallery

Deadline: 15 September 2007


The Nave Gallery
Somerville, MA

The Nave Gallery, a non-profit art space, invites curators to submit proposals for 4-6 week group exhibitions. Experimental work, multimedia work and installations are encouraged but must fit the available space. Artists shown to date have been local and national, emerging and established, and represent a variety of media. Projects detailing new collaborations and commentary on contemporary culture are especially sought.

Proposals may include work in any media but must be organized around a theme or technique. The work presented with each proposal must address the goals described in the curatorial mission statement. The ideas, values, and vision expressed by the curatorial proposal need to be clear and explicit. Curators may include their own work in the exhibit, but it must illuminate or further develop the exhibition's concept.

Gallery Space
Located in the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church near Tufts University, the Nave Gallery is an important partner in Somerville’s vibrant arts community. A project of ARTSomerville run in collaboration with the CHPC, the gallery provides space for artistic exchange and exploration. The exhibition space is approximately 1300 square feet. The ceilings are 10 feet tall. One wall is natural wood paneling and one wall has two windows allowing natural light. Work may be hung from the ceiling in select locations.

A list of hardware available for exhibition purposes is available upon request.

ARTSomerville covers the cost to produce 1000 4”x6” postcards and postage to its mailing list of 500. Artists are asked to cover the cost of an opening reception and any installation supplies.

Gallery Hours
The Nave Gallery is open Fri. 5-8, Sat., Sun. 1-5 and during special events. Exhibiting artists are asked to assist with gallery sitting.

A 20% commission is taken from all sales.

2007 Submission Guidelines/Deadlines

Submissions will be reviewed 15 March 2007 and 15 September 2007. If selected, scheduling of the exhibition will be determined jointly with the Nave Gallery liaison.

The submission should include the following:

• Exhibition title
• A brief curator's statement describing the exhibit concept. In this proposal, translate the idea for the exhibition layout as concretely as possible, particularly if there are 3-D pieces. A prior site visit is strongly encouraged. A floor plan is available upon request.
• Supporting visual materials can include DVDs, CD-ROMs, websites, and printed photographs. Include an explanation of how supporting visual materials fit into your vision of the exhibit. A self-addressed stamped envelope should be included in the submission, if the materials are to be returned.

Contact The Nave
For further inquiries, please email

Visit the website:

p.o. box 43600
somerville, ma 02143