Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Maker to Manufacturer to Market Initiative

Deadline: 1 June 2007

The Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council is seeking applications for the MMM - Maker to Manufacturer to Market initiative.

Request for Tender: $30,000 (x4)

The aim of the MMM initiative is to encourage the development of successful models of industry practice in the Australian craft/design maker sector, with object designers and manufacturers developing relationships that lead to significant sales.

Your proposal will need to demonstrate:

The existence of a finished prototype that demonstrates a high degree of artistic excellence and has the potential to introduce contemporary craft/design to a wide market
A manufacturing plan designed to result in a completed product that is ready for market
A marketing plan designed to focus on identified markets that shows evidence of consumer demand
The initiative is open to individuals, companies and organisations who are able to present a tender application that matches the $30,000 on offer from the Australia Council. This match funding can take the form of in-kind and/or cash contribution.

Selection criteria
The Australia Council will use the following selection criteria when assessing the tenders:

A high degree of artistic merit in the craft/design prototype
A demonstrated track record by the applicant in manufacturing design objects with a successful commercial outcome
The ability for the finished product to have a strong market presence
The degree to which the business plan demonstrates that it is well planned and that its outcomes are achievable
Important information
Your tender should comply with the Request for Tender template (RFT 1/2007 - Maker to Manufacturer to Market, at right).

Closing date: 1 June 2007
Decisions advised: mid-July 2007

Projects will run for up to two years.

MMM Request for Tender template (RFT 1/2007)

Download:(92k)PowerPoint Template

Download:(24k) Maker to Manufacturer to Market 2007

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