Thursday, April 05, 2007

PlatteForum’s Creative Residencies

Deadline: May 9, 2007

PlatteForum's artist-in-residence program--Creative Residencies--supports the creation and presentation of new works of art by artists in all genres. Its urban location in the heart of downtown Denver offers unique opportunities for artists to use the facility and adjacent outdoor spaces in dynamic ways. Throughout the residency period, the artist(s) use the facility as a studio environment where they create their work with open studio hours for the public to watch the work-in-process. Each Creative Resident dedicates time weekly to work with small groups of underserved youth in intensive workshops ( Learning Labs) that build upon the ideas and forms of the resident artist.

Residencies culminate in the completion of a body of work presented to the public in exhibitions and performances at an opening reception at PlatteForum. The PlatteForum approach, pairing youth Learning Labs with the Creative Residency program, makes a valuable contribution to the city's cultural discourse, impacts the lives of the youth participating, while fostering personal growth of the artist.


1610 Little Raven Street
Suite 125
Denver, Colorado 80202