Monday, April 16, 2007

The Lawrence Arts Center

Two Ongoing Deadlines: May 1 and November 1

The Lawrence Arts Center
Lawrence, KS

Gallery Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday & Saturday 9am - 5pm

Proposals are reviewed twice a year. Deadlines for submission are May 1, and November 1. Reviews and responses are usually completed in 30 days. Generally, exhibitions are schedule 18 - 24 months in advance.

Send a letter to the Gallery Director describing the exhibition you envision. Include a current resume for each artist plus examples of ten works representing the work to be shown. Examples may be sent as 35mm slides, photo-copies or digital files on CD or via e-mail. If you have a professional website, include the address.

Delivery/Pick up of work

It is the responsibility of the artist/exhibitor to deliver and pick-up work for display unless other arrangements are made in advance with the gallery director.


Lawrence Arts Center staff members, in consultation with the artist/exhibitor, will normally install exhibitions. In the case of group shows that are sponsored by organizations, those organizations may take responsibility for the installation and de-installation of exhibitions.


The Center will charge a 35% commission on all sales of art up to $500 in value, 25% over $500.

Public information and marketing

The Lawrence Arts Center will produce media information regarding all exhibitions in its galleries.

The Arts Center publishes The Arts in Action, an arts magazine, four times each year and will prepare articles and calendars that inform the public of upcoming exhibitions.

The Arts Center will meet the cost of mailing exhibition announcement cards to its members and to any names and addresses provided by the artist/exhibitor.


The Lawrence Arts Center will normally hold a public reception for artists or arts groups having exhibitions in the Center's galleries. Dates for receptions will be set in consultation with the artists/exhibitors. Exhibiting artists are expected to attend the receptions unless circumstances prevent it.

In the case of arts groups that have annual exhibitions in the Arts Center galleries, responsibility for reception invitations, refreshments, and entertainment will be with the arts organization itself rather than the Arts Center.

Gallery Talk/Lectures

The Arts Center encourages exhibiting artists to provide a gallery talk/lecture to the public at some time during the exhibition. Arrangements for such talks will be made individually with the gallery director.


The Lawrence Arts Center routinely offers classes and workshops to the public. Exhibiting artists and arts groups are encouraged to consider offering a class or workshop in connection with their exhibition. Coordination and planning for such classes and workshops will be done through the LAC education program director in cooperation with the gallery director.


The Lawrence Arts Center does not carry insurance on individual works of art that are voluntarily displayed in its gallery. While the Arts Center takes every reasonable precaution to keep a safe and secure exhibition environment, it cannot be responsible for damage or theft of items exhibited in its galleries. Artists/exhibitors assume all risk for items on display. Artists who wish to insure their work should make arrangements directly with their own insurance agents. The Arts Center gallery director will be happy to supply artists/exhibitors or insurance agents with information related to the building and the exhibition.


Rick Mitchell
Gallery Director

Ann Dean
Administrative Assistant

940 New Hampshire St.
Lawrence, KS 66044
Phone: (785) 843-2787