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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

International Prize "Arte Laguna"

Two Deadlines:
16th November 2010 (POSTMARK)
10th December 2010 (ONLINE)

5th International Art Prize Arte Laguna: OPEN CALL

The Italian Cultural Association MoCA (Modern Contemporary Art), in collaboration with Arte Laguna, organizes the Fifth International Art Prize “Arte Laguna”, aimed to the contemporary art promotion and valorization. The Prize is organized with the patronage of, among others, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Veneto Region, the European Institute of Design.

The Prize offers: money prizes; the organization of an important collective exhibition in the Arsenale of Venice; many exhibition in Art Galleries/Exhibition Spaces; the possibility to stay in Art Residencies and the official Catalogue pubblication.

The Prize is divided in five sections: painting, photographic art, sculpture, videoart and performance. Participants can choose the theme of their artworks.

Eligible media
The Prize is open to all artists, without any limits of age, sex, nationality or other qualifications. Each artist can participate with one or two works, at one or more sections. Technical details:

Painting – works realized with technical and stylistic freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, etc.) on whichever support (canvas, paper, wood, plastics, iron, etc.).
The max dimensions allowed per each work are 150x150 cm.

Sculpture and installation – whichever organic or inorganic material. In the works you can use sounds, lights, videos, mechanical or electrical movements. The max dimensions allowed per each works are: base 4 meter, depth 4 m, height 4 m, weight 150 kg.

The artist, in case of being selected as finalists for the collective exhibition, has to provide to the Organization all the necessary materials in order to exhibit the artwork and he should supervise the setting up.

Photographic Art - color and b/w analogical photos, color and b/w digital photos, color and b/w digital elaborations, works entirely created by computer. The max dimensions allowed per each works are 150x150 cm.

Video Art and animation - film, video and works with all the animation techniques on any digital and analog support. The works has to last as maximum 15 minutes, opening title and closing credits included. For the exhibition the artist has to send original works saved on DVD in high quality and in formats compatible with popular reading systems.

Performance - Each artist or group of artists can participate with one or more performances that can be performed using any technique, expressive form and with any support materials (video, music, etc.. to be provided and arranged by the artist in the case of beeing selected as finalist). Each performance has to last as maximum 10 minutes and to involve as maximum five artists. Should be provided all copyright and SIAE rights.

The Jury
The selection of the artworks will be carried out by the Jury composed by experts and important professionals of Contemporary Art:
Prize Curator: Igor Zanti – Art Critic
Chiara Barbieri – Publications Director Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Rossella Bertolazzi – Director of IED
Monika Burian – Director of the International Contemporary Art Festival Tina B in Prague
Gianfranco Maraniello – Director of MAMbo of Bologna
Luca Panaro – Art Critic
Ludovico Pratesi – Director of Visual Arts Centre Pescheria of Pesaro
Maja Skerbot – Art Critic and curator
Valentina Tanni – Critic and one of the Exibart Founders
Matteo Zauli - Director of the Zauli Museum Italy

Application fee
For the partial support of the organization expenses, the application fee is 50,00 euro for 1 work and 90,00 euro for 2 works proposed for the same section.

For the student under 25 and if they are attending in Art Schools, Fine Arts Accademies and IED, the application fee is 45,00 euro for 1 work and 80,00 euro for 2 works (Certificate of enrollment and attendane is required).

If the artists participate with 2 works in the Prize in wichever section they can also participate, without any additional charge, in the Special Prize "ReiL" and in the “Special Prizes Artist in Residence” as written in the art.4. Artists must keep a copy of the payment. Application fees are no-refundable.

Download the application:

Visit website for complete details:

ARTE LAGUNA - Via Roma, 29/A - 31021 Mogliano (TV) - ITALY

Friday, July 09, 2010

FIBER PLUS: National Juried Exhibition

Deadline: December 10, 2010 (RECEIVE)


Blue Door Galllery
Yonkers, NY
March 19 - 21, 2011

Blue Door Galllery is hosting a National Juried Exhibition entitled FIBER PLUS: 21st-Century fiber and textile works with incorporated mixed media. This will be a companion exhibition to NEW YORK FIBER in the 21st CENTURY, curated by Sandra Sider, for the Lehman College Art Galleries.

JUROR: ARLÉ SKLAR WEINSTEIN, Noted Fiber-Photomontage Artist and Director of Blue Door Gallery

The work may be constructed with any fiber or textile, taking 2 or 3-dimensional form. Mixed media must be an integral component of the final work.

All work must be the result of independent effort. Work cannot be created for or the product of an instructional setting in which another artist or teacher has provided guidance and/or suggestions. The work must be an original design, not a copy or a variation on the original design of another artist working in any medium.

A non-refundable entry fee of $35.00 (thirty five US dollars) must accompany the entry submission. This fee entitles entrants to submit up to three (3) works.

Entries will be accepted in digital format only. Each work entered will require a set of two (2) digital images. One image must show the overall work (incuding the edges). The second image must show a detail area of the work.


Arlé Sklar-Weinstein.
Director, Blue Door Gallery

Visit website for additional details:


Blue Door Gallery
Fiber Plus
5 Hudson Street
Yonkers, N.Y. 10701

Wearable Art Awards 2011

Deadline: December 10, 2010 by 5:00 p.m. (RECEIVE)

Wearable Art Awards
Port Moody Arts Centre
Port Moody, BC
March 3 — April 10, 2011

Entry Information
To participate in the 2011 Wearable Art Awards, the artist’s application package must be submitted electronically at  no later than 5 pm on December 10, 2010. This application contains:

Artist contact information;
Information related to each entry to be entered into the competition (an artist can submit up to three) stating the entry’s title, materials/media used, garment size, and a 150 word statement; and Three photos of each entry to be entered into the competition (front, back, and a “bonus” photo of the artist’s choosing).
There is a $30.00 entry fee for each entry submitted in an application. The artist must also deliver payment of the applicable entry fees either by cheque or credit card no later than December 10, 2010.

A jury panel will review the application packages received and select those entries that will be part of the Wearable Art performances and exhibition.

The Wearable Art Awards is not a fashion show, it is a multi-media performance where the human body becomes a living, breathing, moving canvas. We are looking for more than a “pretty dress.” We are asking you to go deep into your imagination to create a wearable piece of art that challenges what most consider to be wearable, or everyday fashion.

The Wearable Art Awards is committed to challenging artists of all mediums to push their imaginations to create evocative, imaginative and thought provoking sculpture for the human body.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria weighted in favour of “wow” factor and conceptual message:

All entries must be wearable (but not necessarily practical);
Creativity and originality (not streetwear);
Design and the use of multiple elements and techniques;
Quality of workmanship and construction;
Overall presentation focused on “wow” factor; and
Conceptual meaning and impact.

An entry must fall into one of the following three form-based categories. Cash prizes will be presented to category winners as determined by the jury.


† Entries must be a full outfit to be considered for this category. To be considered a full outfit, the entry should cover a model’s upper and lower body.

Special Awards
In addition to competing for a category win, entries will also be eligible for the following cash prize awards as determined by the jury.

Second Life
Best in Show
Material of the Year (Paper is the 2011 Material of the Year)
Ethnic Expression
People's Choice

Visit website for full details:

Review Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

Wearable Art Awards
c/o Port Moody Arts Centre
2425 St Johns Street
Port Moody, British Columbia, CANADA
V3H 2B2