Friday, September 18, 2015

NARS Foundation: International Artist Residency Program

Deadline: October 1, 2015 {ONLINE}

International Artist Residency Program
NARS Foundation

Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Season I (January – March, 2016) &
Season II (April – June, 2016)

Our residency program supports emerging and mid-career artists and is open to both International and US-Based artists, creating an international artistic dialogue and exchange. We offer 24/7 access to 280 – 325 sq ft studio spaces in our diverse artist community in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Our residency artists benefit from our community driven program and the ongoing dialogue between fellow residency artists. Residents also have the advantage of working alongside emerging and established NYC based artists in our studio facilities, who retain space year round.

While experimenting and creating new work in the studio, artists are encouraged to engage with the public and share new work through public events, artist presentations, group outings and tours, and studio visits with curators, gallerists, and arts administrators. These personal one-on-one studio visits provide intimate space and time to form connections and expand networks. Connections formed during studio visits have resulted in future exhibition opportunities and collaborations for artists during and after they have finished their residency at NARS.

ELIGIBILITY: Artists who are currently based in the U.S. are eligible to apply. Applicants do not have to be citizens or permanent residents. However, they must already be legally residing in the U.S. and be able to provide a current U.S. mailing address. All information provided on the application form, C.V. and support materials must be in English. Applicants may not hold concurrent appointments at other residency programs during the term of their residency at the NARS Foundation. If selected into the program, the applicant is expected to start the program for the season that he/she is selected. Deferment is not an option for U.S.-Based applicants. Students are not eligible.

ARTIST RESIDENCY FELLOWSHIP for U.S.-BASED APPLICANTS: NARS currently offers three-month Full and Partial Fellowship residencies to U.S.-based applicants for 2016 Season I (January – March, 2016) & Season II (April – June, 2016).

Application Fee: $35.00

Application & Guidelines:

US-Based Artist Application Guidelines

International Artist Application Guidelines

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