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Denali National Park Artist-in-Residence Program 2016

Deadline: September 30, 2015 {ONLINE}

Artist-in-Residence Program 2016
Denali National Park and Preserve


Program Overview

Since 2001, a total of 60 accomplished artists, writers, and composers have participated in the Artist-in-Residence program at Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. Following a 10-day residency, each volunteers to lead a public outreach activity with visitors and to donate one piece of finished artwork to the program collection. For a two-year trial period beginning with this open call for residencies in 2016, the program will explore a preference for digital and performance-based donations rather than physical pieces for the program collection. Artists are challenged to create artwork and activities for visitors that offer a fresh and innovative perspective of the park drawn from their own experience.

Guiding Principles

The program seeks qualified and accomplished artists, writers, and composers with demonstrated achievement in creating pieces that are both high in artistic merit and accessible for general audiences.

The music composition residency established with this call for 2016 draws upon successful foundations in Composing in the Wilderness and Denali Music Festival programs which emphasize contemporary classical music. The final product should be a notated chamber piece for traditional instruments found in classical orchestral repertoire (with optional use of electronics and/or projection). The park hopes that the completed piece will be premiered at the Denali Music Festival in a subsequent year, and the selected composer will consult with park staff to ensure that the instrumentation and technical requirements are appropriate for that setting.

Within this general framework, there are no stylistic requirements.

Visual Artists
The application requires:
• Six images
• Artist statement
• Artist resume
• Image list
• Your plans for a public outreach activity with visitors at the park
• Your plans for public outreach about the program once you’re back at home

Program Application

Applications are accepted only through an online process hosted by CaFÉ ( Entries are accepted each year from May 1 through September 30 for residencies during the winter and summer of the following year. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Visit website for complete information:

Online Application via CaFÉ

For initial inquiries about the program at large, please contact:

Jay Elhard
Park Ranger, Media Specialist
Email link
(907) 683-9535