Friday, March 13, 2015

Water Street Studios: Interface Guest Residency


Interface Guest Residency
Water Street Studios

Batavia, IL

Our Mission: Batavia Arts Artists Association at Water Street Studios was founded to advance art education and appreciation by developing the promotion of fine arts in Batavia and neighboring communities. As an integral part of our community, the Batavia Arts Association at Water Street Studios strives to create a personal and diverse venue for creativity, collaboration, expression and education.

Water Street Studios is home to 28 artist studios and a variety of access programs and tools for resident and non-resident artists.

Interface is a collaborative guest residency at Water Street. Pairs of artists, of any media, may apply together for space to create collaboratively, for up to two months. The space is at no cost to the artists. The work that comes from a year of these experiences will be on exhibit in the main gallery over the summer.

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Water Street Studios
160 S. Water St.
Batavia, IL 60510