Monday, February 02, 2015

Art at Sperry Chalet Residency

Deadline: May 1, 2015 {RECEIVE}

Art at Sperry Chalet Residency
Belton Chalets, Inc.

Sperry Chalet
Glacier National Park
2015 Season: August 16 through August 29, 2015

Belton Chalets, Inc. would like to invite an artist to stay at Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park free of charge, to create art and interact with backcountry visitors. In exchange we would like an original piece of artwork from the artist and for the artist to go on to share the beauty of Glacier National Park’s backcountry as widely as possible.

•To take advantage of Sperry Chalets access to pristine wilderness for use as inspiration and subject matter for artists.
•To share through art the experiences of visiting the backcountry of Glacier National Park; the beauty, emotion, and intrinsic value of an unspoiled wilderness. Especially with those who are not able to visit it personally.
•To improve our guests stay at the chalet through interaction with an artist.
•To improve Sperry Chalet aesthetically by adding original artwork to the rooms and common areas. Artwork may also be used in our business materials; websites, brochures and so forth.


For the 2015 season we would like to encourage painters or similar visual artists to apply. You are welcome to make a proposal for a different genre.

The artist must be able to demonstrate a professional commitment to the arts and be currently engaged in creating artistic works. The artists years of experience and curriculum vitae will be used to evaluate their professional commitment.

The artist must be willing and able to live and work for the entire residency in a primitive wilderness setting reached only by trails.

The artists proposed medium, supplies and equipment must be suitable for transportation and use in the Glacier National Park wilderness.

Residency details (truncated)

Belton Chalets, Inc will provide at no charge a private bedroom and all meals at Sperry Chalet to one artist for up to two weeks during the summer season. 2015 residency dates are August 16 through August 29.

Belton Chalets, Inc. will also provide logistics and material support for a stay in the backcountry. Art supplies and personal duffel will be packed in and out of the chalet.* All meals provided by the chalet kitchen, food comparable to that served to the guests. Emergency communication will be available with our offices.

Sperry Chalet is a primitive facility. There is no electricity, televisions, internet or heat. Cell phone reception is poor. Indoor space is limited. The art studio will be the great outdoors, which the artist is expected to responsibly share with the mosquitos, Park visitors, and other wildlife.

The Art at Sperry Chalet program is privately operated and not affiliated with the artist in residence program offered by Glacier National Park.

* Sperry Chalet, being a remote location with only pack animal supply capability, is extremely limited in the amount, weight, and size of freight that can be packed in. Artists that wish to use large or heavy materials and equipment cannot be accepted.

Visit website for complete program details (including application specifications):

For additional information contact:

Kevin Warrington - Chalet Coordinator