Monday, February 02, 2015

2015 EPM International Contest European Patchwork Meeting

Deadline: June 15, 2015 {ONLINE}

2015 EPM International Contest
European Patchwork Meeting

Alsace, France
16 - 19 September 2015

Theme : « Reflection ... » Get inspired by one of the various meaning of this word ::
A portrait of an impression, memory, observation or likeness also of the mind, the eye, the light, and why not a mirror image…

Selection of quilts
  1. All techniques are accepted, as long as they match the fundamental structural characteristics of a quilt (3 layers).
  2. Compulsory dimension: 75cm (width) x 130cm (height) (30”x 51”) more or less 5% discrepancy will be tolerated.
  3. The quilt must be original or must give credit to the source of inspiration.
  4. The quilt must have been made in 2014/2015 – and must not have been exhibited in any major exhibition, published in a catalogue, a book or a magazine prior to entering the competition.
  5. The quilt must have an 8 cm (3"1/4) deep casing sewn securely to the upper edge of the back. It should begin and end approximately 3,5 cm (1"1/4) from the side edges.
  6. The quilt must have a fabric label with the maker’s name, address, phone, title and dimensions sewn to the lower right corner on the back of the work.
  7. As the selected works will be travelling for a whole year (2015-2016), they need to be easily transportable; please avoid too fragile embellishments or material.
  8. There is a possibility to enter 2 works, knowing that only one will be selected. Please complete one entry form per quilt.

Administration fees: 18€ per entry (non refundable)

The selection will be made by an international jury, designated by the organizers.


- Best of show 3 000 € by The European Patchwork Meeting

- Special teachers prize offered by Japan Handicraft Instructors' Association (JHIA) worth over 3000 €

- 2nd prize a sewing machine worth 2 000 € by Bernina

- 2nd prize a cheque of 1 000 € by Clover

- 3rd prize a suitcase containing 212 spools of thread worth 650 € by Aurifil srl

- A cheque of 500 € by Apliquick

- A cheque of 500 € by the Editions de Saxe

- A cheque of 500 € by France Patchwork

- A cheque of 500 € by Quiltmania

- 500 € worth books offered by Kaleidoscope Books

Download competition rules « Gereral Category » EPM15_Rules-of-the-general-category-2015.pdf

Download competition rules « Teachers's Category » EPM15_Rules-of-the-Teacher-s-category-2015.pdf

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