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American Craft Council: The Hip Pop Program

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November 14, 2014
December 5, 2014
March 6, 2015

The Hip Pop Program
American Craft Council

ACC Shows
Minneapolis, MN
2015 Shows


Hip Pop is a bridging program designed to help emerging artists enter the high-end craft show market.

The Hip Pop program is designed to provide artists with:

• A reasonable point of entry to an established marketplace

• Access to a well-educated, affluent audience that appreciates the value of craft

• Engagement with established makers and a supportive community of fellow emerging artists

• A high level of exhibitor support, including a dedicated program manager plus marketing and public relations support.


The Hip Pop program uses a community-based “pod” structure to provide a supportive atmosphere for participating artists. Hip Pop pods are 20 x 10 ft. inline booths containing six individual units measuring 4 ft. wide x 2ft. deep x 8 ft. high. Each Hip Pop pod will be comprised of a community of six artists. Click here to see scale illustrations of Hip Pop pods and units, including individual unit design options.


• Three-dimensional, handmade craft made in the United States or Canada.

• Small studio production work under the direct supervision of the applicant is acceptable. The American Craft Council reserves the right to require authentication of the production process as needed and at any time during the application and exhibition process.

A complete application consists of an application form and five images showing representative examples of the artist’s body of work. Applications must be submitted to the American Craft Council via the ACC Hightail drop box.

Application deadlines for 2015 shows are as follows:

• Baltimore (wholesale, wholesale/retail, and retail): November 14, 2014

• Atlanta: November 14, 2014

• St. Paul: December 5, 2014

• San Francisco: March 6, 2015

Jury results for all shows will be emailed to applicants approximately two weeks after the application deadline for each show. There is no fee to apply for Hip Pop.


Hip Pop Application
Hip Pop Application Instructions
Hip Pop Pod Space Information

Visit website for full information:

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