Monday, March 03, 2014

American Craft Magazine Call for Submissions


Call for Submissions
American Craft Magazine

American Craft Council
Minneapolis, MN 55413

American Craft is aimed at independent thinkers with a keen interest in the creative process. These readers recognize the many design choices they have in everyday life, from their creative pursuits and the artful objects in their homes and workplaces to the clothing they wear and media they engage with. American Craft helps readers make excellent, constructive, creative choices. The core audience values community, sustainability, quality, and authenticity.

We value freelancers who can write for a general creative audience with clarity and insight. We love good storytelling that explores a craft artist’s struggles, doubts, determination, and triumphs. We like to read about how craft shows up in modern life, particularly if the writing is bright and accessible. When touching on craft theory or history, writers should take special care to write clearly and for a non-academic audience.

We work primarily with experienced arts journalists who are thorough and disciplined in their reporting and able to write with depth and nuance. The ideal writer can be counted on to:

• Keep us apprised of changes in story concept at the reporting stage
• Write to the agreed-upon length
• Meet all deadlines
• Collaborate on editing, responding quickly to questions and suggestions
• Help to gather images when necessary

We are interested in:

• Artists who use unusual materials
• Artists who’ve traveled unusual paths in their work
• Emerging artists whose work is remarkable
• Veteran artists with impressive work that has evolved over a lifetime
• Artists going through a transition, reaching a pinnacle, or facing a challenge
• Artists working in collaborative partnerships
• Artists for whom craft has been a means for healing and learning about life
• Handmade goods that are stylish, innovative, and affordable
• Craft that brings together a community for a good purpose
• Craft that reflects values of sustainability and community
• People whose work might not be considered studio craft but who bring a sort of craft devotion to their creative pursuits
• People who’ve collected craft and art objects in a beautiful living space
• U.S. or foreign locales that offer a number of interesting craft destinations for travelers
• Galleries that specialize in craft
• Books, films, and exhibitions of interest to a broad craft-loving audience
• Schools and organizations advancing craft in interesting ways

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