Monday, February 03, 2014

Mendocino Art Center Artist in Residence Program 2014/15

Deadline: April 11, 2014 (RECEIVE)

Artist in Residence Program 2014/15
Mendocino Art Center

Mendocino, California
September 2014 through May 2015

The AIR program provides a community-based environment that facilitates both educational and individual artistic growth at the Mendocino Art Center (MAC).

The AIR program was developed to bring emerging and established artists to this unique Northern California region. It provides both time and space for AIRs to develop their work. The MAC residency year runs from third week in September to mid-May.

The experience of living and working at MAC is shaped in many ways by its coastal location and by the singularly unique nature of its diverse facility. At MAC, we strive to provide an enriching experience that promotes an awareness of the arts with a global consciousness.


The program welcomes self-motivated, focused individuals working in traditional or non-traditional studio arts, and independent creative endeavors, from mixed media to writing. Applicants should hold a BA, BFA, MFA or life equivalency representing an established foundation of knowledge and body of work in their respective discipline. The primary basis for selection is the strength and quality of the applicant's work.

Artist residents must also have a clear objective for the time of their residency and be willing to live and work as part of a close-knit community. A successful residency depends in part on expectations consistent with what MAC has to offer. Applicants with no prior connection to MAC are strongly encouraged to visit or take a
class before applying for the program. It is also advised to contact the Coordinator specific to your studio practice or the Education Director for an independent type residency.

Ceramics, Fiber Arts, Fine Arts, Jewelry, Sculpture/Blacksmithing, Education/Independent, Writing

Fiber Arts Studio & Equipment

Fiber Arts offers a multi-use studio for surface design, screen printing, and hand weaving. This studio has a deep sink for Shibori or screen washing and large burners for dyeing or steaming. AIRs are responsible for purchasing their own studios consumables.

The following equipment is available in the Fiber Arts studio for use by the residents:

Dyeing: 3 stainless steel dye pots (60 qt., 38 qt., 12 qt.), steamer (39 inches long, by 8 by 6 inches), metal bowls and plastic containers, microwave for dyeing, hot plate, blender, double sink with deep side, centrifugal water extractor, large double propane burner

Batik: 3 fry pans and two crock pots, selection of tjanting tools and brushes for wax, selection of wooden hoops for holding cloth

General: 2 ironing boards, 3 irons, sewing machine, light table, box fan, pigments for paper making, soap flakes, miscellaneous small tools (funnels, spoons, scissors, c-clamps, goggles, etc.), plastic pipe-extenders to raise tables

Fee: $30 non-refundable

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Mickie McCormic
Fiber Arts Coordinator