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Lesley Craze Gallery


Lesley Craze Gallery

Contemporary Jewellery and Textiles

Lesley Craze Gallery is an internationally recognised showcase for contemporary jewellery and textiles. We strive to always showcase new, cutting edge talent. Our aim is to attempt to show work that is different from that shown elsewhere; displaying avant garde pieces, ranging from materials as diverse as concrete, paper, plastics, gold and platinum. The Gallery represents up to 100 different artists from the world over: Australia, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Italy, Sweden and, the very best of emerging and renowned names from the UK.

All of the work shown in the gallery is chosen by Lesley Craze herself. She wishes to exhibit work that is of a high quality, original and innovative.

If you would like Lesley to take a look at your work then download the application guidelines and apply to

Download application guidelines on website: (Guidelines will be found under the About Us header. Click on Exhibiting With Us to reveal the application link.)

Lesley Craze Gallery
33 - 35a Clerkenwell Green
London EC1R 0DU

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