Sunday, December 22, 2013

Book Power Redux

Deadline: March 14, 2014 at midnight (ONLINE)

Book Power Redux
23 Sandy Gallery

Portland, Oregon
May 30 - July 26, 2014
Traveling to Collins Memorial Library,
University of Puget Sound: Mid-August to Mid-October, 2014

23 Sandy Gallery and the University of Puget Sound invite artists to participate in Book Power Redux, a juried exhibition of book art focusing on social and political issues.

THEME: Book Power Redux is seeking works addressing social and political issues. Artist books can be a powerful vehicle for social change and activism. For this show we have a strong interest in works that shine a light on some of the most vital issues of our day: race, diversity, equality, justice, bullying, poverty, civil rights and more. And, don't forget we are still a country at war.

Book artists have a unique opportunity given our accessible, multi-dimensional, multi-media format to go beyond just making things to making things happen. The current social and political issues listed above are but a few topics concerned artists can use to raise consciousness, call for justice or provoke action. Let's use our creative powers to solve the problems of the world.

MEDIA: This exhibit is open to handmade book and paper arts related works. Artist books, sculptural books, book objects, altered books, zines, and broadsides are all encouraged.

FEES: A $25 non-refundable entry fee covers up to three works and is payable upon submission. The entry fee covers one, two or all three works, it is not a per work fee.

CONFERENCE CONFLUENCE: Book Power Redux will travel to Collins Memorial Library at the University of Puget Sound, and will be on display during a national conference focused on Race and Pedagogy. Details on the conference can be found on the conference web site here.

AWARDS: Three artists will receive Best of Show Awards, winners are selected upon installation of the show. In addition, we will also award the Library Purchase Prize. The winning work or works will be purchased by the gallery and donated to the artist books collection at the University of Puget Sound.

JURY: Jane Carlin, MalPina Chan and Laura Russell.

View and print full prospectus on website:

Phone: 503-927-4409

23 Sandy Gallery
623 NE 23rd Ave
Portland, Oregon