Wednesday, October 30, 2013

American Craft Council " Why I Make" Blog Series


Why I Make
Blog Series
American Craft Council

Minneapolis, MN

"Why I Make," a blog series of the American Craft Council, feature dispatches exploring the human impulse to create.


"Especially rewarding for me was the moment when I finished a piece - a crescendo I never knew in my day-to-day professional life. At the office, my world was nothing but to-do lists and complicated, open-ended projects; a sense of completion was rare indeed. But in jewelry class, it was crystal-clear when I had finished a project, and I reveled in that closure. Not only did wearing my silver pieces to work remind me, in the midst of a trying day, of my ability to accomplish something, but also the creative process was grounding - and so much cheaper than therapy!" - See more at:

"...with my fine linen book cloth, handmade paper from Thailand (with gold flakes), hammers and mallets, mandrels and pixie dust. And I am making things. Making something every day. Making something of every day. Sometimes making things up. Just to see what else is out there." - See more at:

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