Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Design a Block for the Spun Community Quilt

Deadline: August 12, 2013 (HAND DELIVERY)

Call for Submissions
Design a Block for the Spun Community Quilt

Denver Art Museum
Denver, Colarado
April 22, 2013 – September 22, 2013

Design a 2-feet-wide-by-3-feet-tall fabric or textile block for our larger-than-life sized community quilt in the Hamilton Building atrium. The Spun Community Quilt will be on view in the Hamilton Building's El Pomar Grand Atrium as part of the DAM’s Spun: Adventures in Textiles campus-wide exhibition this summer.

Get creative! Express yourself! Tell your personal or collective story using artwork, mementos, knickknacks, and other items—almost anything you can attach to a fabric ground. Blocks can be individual creations or collaborative projects.

Your block can include photographs, autographs, drawings, painted pieces, embroidery, textile art, small objects, photo film negatives, or whatever you can attach to a 2-by-3 vertical fabric ground—but you will need to limit the weight of the piece to 1.5 pounds or less, and not all materials will be accepted. No plants, liquids, living, hazardous, or unsafe materials are allowed. Your block must include 2 side-by-side reinforced holes at each corner in order to attach it to the Spun Community Quilt.

Please note: submissions will not be returned. Due to limited space not all submissions will be included.

Submissions will be accepted on July 1 and August 12, 10 am–4 pm. Submit the pre-registration form by 3 pm the day before drop-off.

On August 12, the drop-off is happening at the Denver Art Museum’s administrative offices at 414 14th St (not 14th Avenue). Contact Jenna Madison at 30055 from the lobby to enter.

The Quilt diagram, Full Submission Guidelines and FAQs available here: