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Bothnia Biennale

Deadline: August 16, 2013 (RECEIVE)

Bothnia Biennale
Centre for Arts Promotion Finland

Vaasa and Seinäjoki, Finland
9th September-19th October 2014

Initiated by the Centre for Arts Promotion Finland, it is intended as a collaborative project between institutions, groups, associations and individual practitioners within the area’s creative arts sector. Its main purpose is to raise the profile of the creative community and promote collaboration within it by merging art forms and forming new working relationships. The event will also host international artists and curators, creating a universal dialogue through exhibitions, performances and encounters around subjects such as the nature of communication across traditionally held boundaries.

The programme is open to proposals from artists of all disciplines ranging from visual arts, crafts, moving image and the written word to performance, dance, music and theatre. Artists are encouraged to be active in forming cross-disciplinary collaborations as these will be prioritized in the selection process.

The Biennale’s primary role as an umbrella for the entire events programme, includes providing information to participants and the public via the Bothnia Biennale blog, a newspaper styled publication and brochures, maps and other publicity material.

The theme for 2014 is journeys, inviting participants to interpret the theme through the combination of visual arts, crafts, design, literature, installation, film, dance, performance, music, and theatre.

For whom
Artists and practitioners working in the following disciplines: visual arts, crafts, moving image, literature and the written word, performance, dance, music and theatre. Artists’ groups and associations, orchestras, theatre groups, dance troupes or companies, cultural institutions.

Bothnia Biennale will take place in different sites and locations in and around the cities of Vaasa and Seinäjoki, and surrounding towns and municipalities. The Biennale –team will match suitable sites and locations to the selected projects, offered in collaboration with various partner organisations. Artists may also suggest venues.

The Biennale aims to

1) spread out into as many diverse sites as possible, making use of and raising the profile of some of the areas exceptional spaces and venues!

2) include large and small happenings from one-off pop-up -events to longer-lasting exhibitions.

3) be able to tour artists and events around the area, giving artists the opportunity to show their work further afield.


Bothnia Biennale spreads out over six weeks from the 9th September to the 19th October 2014.

The open call opened April 3rd and runs until the 16th August 2013.

Selections will be announced during the first week of September 2013.

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Bothnia Biennale 2014
Taiteen edistämiskeskus /TAIKE
Rantalinna, Rantakatu
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