Wednesday, March 07, 2012

(Text)iles: Fibrous Languages in Art

Deadline: May 1, 2012 (ONLINE)

Call to Artists
(Text)iles: Fibrous Languages in Art

Infinity Art Gallery
Grand Opening - May 15, 2012

(Text)iles: Fibrous Languages in Art concentrates on the diverse network of languages found in fiber art. It approaches the materials and overall medium of fiber art as its own language, with regional dialects and discipline specific vernacular.

What do fibers and textiles say for us and about us? How do they express feelings through color, texture, and materials?

Qualified Artwork:
In exploring the languages and conversations fiber art can represent or evoke, artists should feel free to play with word or text to show how fiber, cloth, or material express their artistic voice. The exhibition asks artists to use the medium of fiber art to communicate anything they want.

Additionally, artists are encouraged to experiment with how poetics and personal exploration are conveyed through fiber arts. The use of traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques that write and share their regional, global, and cultural voice are welcomed.

Flavia S. Zúñiga-West, is a Los Angeles based independent curator and artist consultant.

Awards: $1500
Five awards, three cash awards.

Call and Prospectus:

Early Entries Accepted Now
Pre-Exhibit Show begins online April 1, 2011

Entry Fee $25 for 2 pieces of artwork.

Infinity Art Gallery is commission free.

Julie Weismann
Gallery Director