Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Flatiron Prow Artspace


Call for Artist Proposals
Flatiron Prow Artspace

Flatiron Building
New York City, NY

Project Background
Sprint currently leases retail space in the iconic Flatiron Building in New York City, NY, located at 175 5th Avenue. Included in the retail space is what is euphemistically called “the cow catcher” (referred to from this point on as “the prow” of the building). It is an enclosed, triangularly shaped space, composed of 6 foot tall panes of glass on two sides, terminating to the north in curved point. The space is bordered by 5th Avenue on its west side and a new pedestrian park on its east side. The Flatiron building anchors the south end of Madison Square.

Sprint Corporation is requesting artist/design students to submit proposals for a unique temporary art project for this space. Sprint seeks to select a qualified artist (or artist team) with a body of work and conceptual approach that demonstrates artistic excellence and appropriateness for the location and vision, taking into account the volume of visitors to this space and the iconic nature of the building, along with the Sprint brand.

The goal is to utilize this space to engage the community and provide a different experience above and beyond typical New York City retail windows/displays, expanding the manner in which retail and art is perceived. The tie-in to Sprint’s brand and products would be complimentary to the project.

Overall Background
The selected display will be temporary in nature and will remain in the space for a period of 10-12 weeks. The art/display selected should engage passers-by, both New Yorkers and tourists alike.

Artist should consider the iconic nature of the building, the goal to engage and the Sprint Brand when considering concept.

There is no limitation with regard to medium; however special consideration should be taken in the use of materials, based on environment within the space. Due to the inordinate amount of glass in the prow, interior temperatures can fluctuate greatly, especially during hotter months. Heat and sunlight may have adverse effects on some materials if not realized prior to installation.

Note: there is heating/cooling equipment in the space

The prow space dimensions are included the appendix (see Prow Elevation)
Sprint will provide artists with a stipend of $1000 towards materials and installation costs.

Sprint will also provide a prepped “white” space ready for installation of the selected entry/display.

Access to the space is located within a larger Retail space that is currently a high traffic telecommunications retail store. Only authorized key holders have access to the space; meaning the space is secure and cannot be accessed without permission/authorization.

Response Requirements
The response must include the following:
1. Letter of interest
2. Identification and bio of personnel involved in project
3. Illustration/photographs/prototype of proposed display
4. Timeline for installation based on receipt of approval to proceed
5. Timeline for removal
6. References


Criteria for Selection
Sprint will be reviewing all submissions via a jury of selected individuals. Submissions will be considered based on the following:
 Quality of work
 Design
 Appropriateness for location
 Inclusion of Sprint Branding
 Maintenance
Selected artists will be notified upon selection. No additional communication will be forthcoming.

Interested in the space?

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Flatiron Building
175 5th Avenue
New York City, NY