Saturday, February 11, 2012

Small Stories -- Fiber Exhibition

Deadline: April 28, 2012 (POSTMARK) or (EMAIL)

Small Stories -- Fiber Exhibition
Urban Alchemist Gallery & Collective

Brooklyn, NY
June 2012

Small Stories is an exhibit which will celebrate the small moments in life. We are looking for work that tells the stories of the everyday this can be in a literal or abstract way. Perhaps you make work about the banal, from the detritus of every day life, mapping your daily existence, or from the everyday relationships we surround ourselves with or desire too. Submit your work...

In the 2012 June exhibit, small stories, at the Urban Alchemist Gallery & Collective we desire to share and celebrate the small stories of life. We ask artists who work in fibers or fiber techniques to submit works. Feel free to interpret this theme widely, abstract & conceptual works are welcome. Wall work, suspended, and sculptural work is applicable. Though there is no exact limit of dimensions the space is limited so most works selected will be smaller or larger works that are flexible in how they are installed (i.e multiples hung or placed separately). There is one large window space and we welcome proposal's specifically for this space.

Please note we are looking for contemporary interpretations of fiber and textiles.


All artists over 18 are eligible.

Work can utilize any medium but must primarily use fiber or fiber techniques.

Work must be original.- small editions are acceptable

Work must be created after 2006

Entry Fee
$12 - 5 works per entry- a maximum of 1 detail per work.

Curator: Joetta Maue is a full-time artist, curator, critic, and arts writer mostly working in fibers.

Full details available on website: