Monday, November 21, 2011

World of Threads Festival: Outside Environmental Installations

Deadline: January 31, 2012 (RECEIVE) or (Hand Delivery) or (EMAIL)

Outside Environmental Installations
World of Threads Festival

Oakville, Ontario

The Common Thread International exhibitions are the flagship shows of the World of Threads Festival. The intention is to bring international contemporary fibre art to Oakville and the Toronto area and highlight the strength of our local artists.

This is an opportunity to provide exposure for emerging, mid career or established artists to showcase their work in this unique Canadian fibre arts festival.

For the first time, we have secured an external venue for outside multiple environmental exhibitions. This venue is at Appleby College campus in Oakville, Ontario.
Artists from around the world are invited to submit installations for this exhibition.
•Fibre materials or fibre techniques are acceptable.
•The Festival Curators, Dawne Rudman and Gareth Bate, will draw from submissions to determine an exhibition at this site.
•It must be possible for the artwork to withstand November weather (rain, wind, cold, even freezing rain, snow and the weight of snow).
•We are open to the idea of the piece changing over time. But it must still look good.
•The World of Threads Festival will not be responsible for deterioration of the works.
•The works may be freestanding/self-supporting, or have some ground steaks.
•There are trees in the area, both evergreen and deciduous, which may be used for attachment.

•All Work submitted must be available to exhibit in Oakville during November 2012.
•All Work should be made after Sept. 2009 (the date of our last festival)
•No entry can be withdrawn from the exhibition once it has been accepted.
•All work must be original – NO patterns or commercial kits are acceptable.
•This submission is for external installations only. For regular gallery submissions see our Call for Submissions 1) Artwork and Internal Gallery Installations.

Note: The Festival does not fund the materials or construction of any installations.

Options for Submitting
•One or more installations may be submitted - Maximum 4 pieces.

Submission Fee: $30

Exhibition Fees: We are only charging artists more when their work is selected.

Small Installation - $100

Large Installation - $200

View complete submission details:

What Counts as Fibre Art?

Fibre art is incredibly diverse and our definition is continuously shifting. We are open-minded. Our website has hundreds of examples of fibre art work located under Artist Interviews and Artwork.

Generally fibre art is made from perishable materials that use traditional techniques that include, sewing, tapestry and papermaking. However, more and more artists are using synthetic materials.

Common Thread International
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