Thursday, February 09, 2012

Living Crafts *UPDATED*


Publishing Opportunity
Living Crafts

Magazine for Natural Craft Enthusiasts
Costa Mesa, CA

Editorial Guidelines
Living Crafts is a magazine for the natural crafts enthusiast by the natural crafts enthusiast. We depend on you, the readers, to be the authors, photographers, craft artists, illustrators, and visionaries for this magazine. What we want is a dialog and a community. Our main objective is to inspire our readers to make things themselves, or when buying, to buy handmade and natural products.

We accept queries and manuscript submissions for the following sections of our magazine. Unless otherwise specified, articles should be between 500 and 5,000 words long. We are especially interested in articles that include project descriptions (see, for example, “Beading the Change We Wish to See in the World” in this issue’s Soul Crafts section and the accompanying project description, “Making Your Personal Prayer Beads”). Keep in mind that not all sections appear in every issue:

Letters and Articles:
Your Letters – Letters from readers. We need your feedback. Please let us know positive and negative responses to our magazine. All feedback is taken seriously and is used for planning future issues.
Good Finds – Product reviews. If you are selling a crafts supply, handmade item, or other related product our readers must know about, please send us a picture and a 50-word description, including a phone number, web address, and price.

Media – Books and DVD reviews. Please submit 250- to 1000-word reviews of new books and DVDs of interest to the readers of Living Crafts.
Calendar – Events such as festivals, workshops, retreats. Include dates, times, and location.
Evolving through Handwork – Examining personal growth through handwork
Sage – Biographies of craft artists who have contributed significantly to the field
Handwork for Humanity – Crafts and altruism
History – Renewing old treasures
Our Tribe – Working on projects as a community
The Work of Your Hands – Self sufficiency through handwork
Soul Crafts – Sacred objects for the spiritually minded

Domestic Bliss – Useful projects for the home
Ready to Wear – Apparel and accessories
Gift Ideas – Simple things you can make in place of store-bought items
Stories and Puppets – A story and instructions for making puppets for it
Doll Room – Doll-making
Playthings – Toys for children
Baby – Baby essentials and accessories
Divine Designs – Gallery of projects by readers – please send us a picture of a project you want to show off! We’ll notify you if your project is selected.
Around the World – Handwork from different cultures

To query, please send a one-paragraph description of your project, and include pictures if applicable. We also accept complete manuscript submissions.

Please send queries and submissions to:

Living Crafts
4521 Campus Drive #302
Irvine, CA 92612
visit website or blog for more details: