Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Scarf Festival 2011

Deadline: 6 May 2011 by 4:00pm (RECEIVE)

Scarf Festival 2011: Rhythm of Life

National Wool Museum
Geelong, Victoria
24 June to 21 August, 2011

“The rhythm of life is a powerful beat, it puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet….”

This year we celebrate the rhythm of life; the relationships, events and moments that make each of our lives unique. As with life, each scarf is unique and there is a rhythmic quality to their creation: the whirr of the wheel, the clack of the loom and the clicking of needles.

Scarf Festival 2011 Rhythm of Life, at the National Wool Museum, will display all the scarves created for the Festival, featuring a range of awards for the best scarves. There is no limit to the number of scarves that can be entered by each individual.

All scarves accompanied by completed paperwork are eligible for display as part of the Scarf Festival 2011 Rhythm of Life exhibition.
To be eligible for an award a scarf must have been designed and made by an individual, who is registered as the entrant.
All eligible entries can win the Scarf of the Year award.
Each scarf can only be entered in one category.
No National Wool Museum employees or their direct family members, are eligible for an award. No judge or their direct family members are eligible for an award.

Entries for Scarf Festival 2011 Rhythm of Life open on 1 March 2011 and all scarves, Entry Forms, Tax Invoices, Artists Statement Forms, Scarf Information Forms and fees must be received by the National Wool Museum by 4pm on Friday 6 May 2011.

General: $15 per entry (ie. one scarf $15; two scarves $30; three scarves $45)

National Wool Museum & Craft Victoria members: $12.50 per entry (ie. one scarf $12.50; two scarves $25; three scarves $37.50)

Primary and Secondary School students: free

Award Categories
· Scarf of the Year
· Best thematic scarf
· Best use of colours in a scarf
· Best use of sustainable practices in a scarf
· Best use of different techniques in a scarf
· Best knitted scarf
· Best woven scarf
· Best crocheted scarf
· Best felted scarf
· Best 100% wool scarf
· Best scarf made by a primary school student
· Best scarf made by a secondary school student

Sale of Scarves
Unless specified, all scarves displayed in Scarf Festival 2011 Rhythm of Life will be available for purchase at the retail price specified on the Tax Invoice. No commission will be taken by the National Wool Museum.

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If you have any further queries please email the Scarf Festival 2011 team at or phone us on 03 5272 4701.

Scarf Festival 2011
National Wool Museum
26 Moorabool Street
Phone: 03 5272 4701
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