Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rag Revolution!

Deadline: 15 October 2010 (RECEIVE)

Rag Revolution!
AUFSTAND! der nichtsnutzigen Textilien

Exhibition in workshop hannover e.v.
Hannover, Germany
11. March – 15. April 2011

Recycling fabric is the central theme of the exhibition entitled ‘Rag Revolution’ to be held in March 2011 by workshop hannover e.v. creativity centre. Textile artists and fine artists are invited to take part.

The use of everyday objects, found objects and recycled materials or more generally speaking the aesthetic disuse and reuse of objects, the study of cycles and recycling play a major role in the field of cultural and artistic productivity. Our exhibition focuses on how contemporary artists approach this topic using fabrics as a medium, a technique, as a material or metaphor.

The term ‘rag’ in the title of the exhibition conjures up the notion of uselessness and at the same time impertinence and misbehaviour. It is the ambivalence held therein of worthlessness and defiance, of passivity and activity that interests us, rags rehearsing revolution and threatening: We will be back. With a vengeance!

The exhibition, Rag Revolution, is to be held as part of the joint project ‘textour 2011’, organized by workshop hannover e.v. in collaboration with the Handwerksform Hannover (Crafts Forum Hanover), and other institutions in association with the ETN (Euroean Textile Network) and the journal ‘Textilforum’ (Textile Forum). It follows on from the successful concept of ‘textour 2008’ in which our exhibition ‘Tales in Fabric – the Fabric of Tales’ was flanked by further exhibitions and events.

Conditions of Entry (truncated)
  1. Artists may submit up to three works. Include a short cv.
  2. Two dimensional works shoud not exceed 2.50m x 2.50m. Three dimensional works may have a base area of 2m x 2m and a height of 3m. All artworks must be provided with any necessary hanging or installation fixtures.
  3. Participants will be selected by a jury. The members of the jury:
    • Beatrijs Sterk (Textilforum)
    • Gundula Manson (artist)
    • Ewe Dornis (artist)
    • Frank Rosenthal (artist)
    • Silke Boerma (art historian)
Further details about the exhibition will be available by telephone 0049 (0)511 344711.

Please read the conditions of entry read carefully before filling in the application form.

workshop hannover e.v. Zentrum für kreatives Gestalten
Lister Meile 4
30161 Hannover
Tel. 0511 34 47 11
Fax 0511 - 388 83 38

Workshop hannover e.v., modelled on the Dutch creativity centres was founded by artists in 1971. Here artists offer courses for adults, organize sociocultural art projects and hold exhibitions. The studios and exhibition rooms are situated in the Kulturzentrum Pavillon in the centre of Hanover.