Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tamworth Textile Triennial

Deadline: 30 July 2010 (RECEIVE)

1st Tamworth Textile Triennial

Tamworth Regional Gallery
Tamworth NSW
September 2011

The Tamworth Textile Triennial will build on the tradition of the Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennials, showcasing the work of contemporary textile artists.

There are few events in Australia that can demonstrate such a strong tradition of promoting and sustaining the unique cultural heritage associated with both the history and technology of textile practice.

The 1st Tamworth Textile Triennial will provide a forum to explore current issues and trends in textile practice in Australia.

Tamworth Regional Gallery will work to develop stronger links with Asia and is committed to building the profile of the exhibition and engaging with a wider audience.

Expressions of interest are encouraged from a variety of disciplines, age groups, emerging artists and established practitioners.

The selection process will be in three stages: (truncated)

Stage One (February – July 2010)
Artists are invited to submit an expression of interest. A panel will be convened in August 2010 to make an initial selection of artists. The factors they will consider will include:

Innovation – this can include individual and/or collaborative projects (with other individuals or industry or technology-based, educational or community organisations)
Demonstrated skills in realising concepts – this can include drawing, visual diary and collage book of ideas
Use of traditional and/or contemporary technologies.
Demonstrated appreciation of craft traditions – textile specific, but can include another craft discipline
Use of materials - can include sustainable practice and processes Use of colour and pattern.

Stage Two (September – November 2010)
Artists selected in Stage One will be invited to submit a detailed proposal in response to a theme to be determined by the curator.

Stage Three (November 2010)
Artists selected for the first Tamworth Textile Triennial will be advised by the end of November 2010.

Expressions of interest will be accepted from artists living and working in Australia.

A submitted expression of interest indicates that where the artist is selected for the 1st Tamworth Textile Triennial, the artist authorises the reproduction of images of their work, their artist statement and CV in the catalogue, education kit, website, promotion and other material produced for the 1st Tamworth Textile Triennial.

The panel will not consider any materials submitted, other than those identified in prospectus.


If you have any questions please contact
Sarah Evans
Project Coordinator
1st Tamworth Textile Triennial
0421 613 056

Tamworth Regional Gallery
466 Peel Street
T 02 6767 5459
F 02 6767 5249