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Piecework Magazine Publishing Opportunity

Three Deadlines: (RECEIVE)
October 5, 2009
December 7, 2009
February 1, 2010

Piecework Magazine

Interweave Press
Publishing Opportunity

PieceWork is a bimonthly magazine with high visual impact focusing on the historical aspects of needlework around the world.

People with a passion for traditional knitting, embellished clothing, and beautiful lacework—all made by hand—are PieceWork magazine’s core audience. PieceWork explores the personal stories of traditional makers, what they made, and how they made their creations, and investigates how specific objects were crafted and the stories behind them. In-depth
how-to techniques and step-by-step projects make the traditions come alive for today’s knitters, embroiderers, lacemakers, crocheters, and quilters.


Feature Articles
We invite submissions of complete manuscripts. Manuscript length may vary from 1,500 to 4,000 words depending on the subject matter.

We invite submissions of design sketches, or color charts, or actual samples/projects for step-by-step techniques or original projects that directly relate to an associated article; stand-alone projects rarely will be accepted. Projects should display technical expertise in the technique.


A follow-up to our very successful 2009 special issue on historical reenactment: We’ll explore historically accurate handmade clothing, accessories, and gear from Renaissance Europe to the settlement at Jamestown. Knitted and crocheted bags, reticules, and clothing, metal-thread embroidery, and period-correct accessories in a variety of techniques will be the focus.
Submission deadline: October 5, 2009

The various forms of lace—tatted, needle, bobbin, knitted, crocheted—have adorned and brightened for centuries. Lace also has been a catalyst for intrigue, higher taxes, and war. A knitted lace bridal veil, a bobbin-lace shawl, a crocheted lace collar, a tatted edging, and a needle lace insert are just a few of the projects that will celebrate beautiful lace.
Submission deadline: December 7, 2009

July/August 2010—SAMPLERS
Before pattern books became available, needleworkers recorded their stitches, patterns, and motifs on samplers and in bound sample books. We’ll examine actual knitted, crocheted, embroidered, and lace samplers and books and delve into the lives of the makers and how they used their samples.
Submission deadline: February 1, 2010

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