Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moscow Biennale for Young Art

Deadline: November 1, 2009 (Online)

Moscow Biennale for Young Art

Moscow, Russia
July, 2010

Executive director: Olga Lopukhova
Co-curators: Daria Pyrkina & Daria Kamyshnikova

Moscow Biennale for Young Art is one of the largest and ambitious projects, realized on the Moscow art scene in the field of contemporary art at present. The Biennale unites artistic initiatives of the whole Russia, the countries of near and far abroad. Leading art centers of Moscow in collaboration with regional and international partners take part in its preparation and realization.

The key criteria for participant selection are not only age, but also in many cases phase.

The phenomenon of Boundaries and its possible interpretations were selected as the main theme of the 2010 Biennale. It is logical to talk about boundaries after the slogan «Stop! Qui vive?», the invariable motto of the Biennale.

It is timely to raise a problem of the divide between the «young» and «mature» art, to examine peculiarities of the development of art of the globalization era artists, who have been brought up after the symbolic date in the modern era, the fall of Berlin wall (it has been also a metaphoric border between two worlds). The idea of boundaries is connected with the problem of communication, artistic creativity in the epoch of new technologies, implying elimination of geographical barriers and putting artistic ideas into free circulation. Many other adjacent and related topics will be touched in the project.

The Biennale participants will be selected, based on the results of the open admission of applications. Individual or group artwork applications as well as curator project applications will be accepted.

Application rules: (truncated)

Applications for the Biennale, according to a set form, are accepted online by the Biennale organizers from June 1 till November 1, 2009.

The artworks of Russian and international new generation artists, who work in field of contemporary art, using the up-to-date strategies, concepts and technologies (personal, group or as a part of a curatorial projects), can be submitted for participation in the Biennale. New generation artists are the authors under 35 years old at the moment of the Biennale opening. As an exception, according to the decision of the board of curators the age limits may be raised to a little degree. The authors, who have not shown their works in large solo exhibitions, are most preferable.

The authors of the projects (artists and curators — in case of a curatorial project) and non-profit art institutions are entitled to apply for participation.

Each application form is to be accompanied by one or several images (*.jpeg or *.tif, no less than 300 dpi resolution, min. dimensions: 10×15 cm).

The completed and exhibited projects as well as incomplete ones, the projects in the detailed draft stage may be submitted for participation in the Biennale. There are no limitations in number, form, genre, technique.

Application is free of charge. Authors and curators are not paid fees. All rights are reserved to the authors.

Applying to the Biennale, in case if his or her artwork is selected to participate, the author agrees that:

•text materials, contained in the application form, will be used in the Biennale catalogue and press materials;
•images, enclosed to the application form, will be used in the Biennale catalogue and press materials.

The group of curators will examine all applications, select participants and form preliminary programme of the Biennale. The Biennale participants will be announced no later than April 1, 2010.

Website: www.youngart.ru/en

Application: www.youngart.ru/en/priem_zayavok1/

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