Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Festival de Briançon

Deadline: 15 March 2010 (RECEIVE)

France Patchwork
Festival de Briançon

Concours « Silk in all its forms »
Début mai 2010

This contest is open to members of France Patchwork to date with their dues.

Silk in all its forms: the factory of the Schapper Briançon formerly the unraveling of silk, a museum explaining the work will soon see the day, this theme has therefore imposed on us ...

« L’enveloppe extérieure du cocon de soie est une sorte de gaze, très large et irrégulière, qui sera utilisée avec les déchets de cocons mal formés pour fabriquer les fils de soie schappe, ou bourrette ».

All techniques are accepted. Entries must be made of silk (75% at least), the addition of fabric or other material is accepted. They may have been exposed (mention where and when). They may be collective.

Dimensions : 2 categories according to size:

Panneaux muraux…maximum 1m 40, minimum 0m 60 de côté
Panneaux petit format…maximum 0 m 60 de côté

Fee: 10 euros

A jury will meet to assess compliance with the theme, creativity and quality of work.

Prizes: Several prizes will be awarded and rewarded.

Visit website for complete details and to download the entry form:

France Patchwork
Festival de Briançon
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75325 Paris cedex 07