Monday, June 29, 2009

Washington Sculptors Group: Bilateral Engagement

Deadline: August 17, 2009 (Online)
(Received by CaFÉ no entries accepted by mail or email)

Bilateral Engagement

Washington Sculptors Group
Art Museum of the Americas
Organization of American States
Washington D.C.
October 15, 2009 – January 15, 2010

The OAS Art Museum of the Americas (AMA) celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Washington Sculptors Group and the upcoming centennial in 2010 of the OAS historic headquarters by exploring the ever-widening directions that contemporary sculpture has taken over the past decades. During the 1980s artists in both North and South America were still absorbing the radical artistic, political and social changes of the 1960s and 1970s. Minimalism, conceptualism, feminism, the de-materialization of the art object, installation art and assemblage are all re-structurings of sculpture that take interesting current forms in the works of the WSG.

Artwork selected will be linked with the Art Museum of the Americas by using work from its permanent collection as touchstones of the above-mentioned sculptural movements. Working with the curator of AMA’s permanent collection, representative examples will be selected to create a dialogue with the work of the WSG artists. For instance, a Latin American assemblage sculpture of the 1960s would be juxtaposed with a contemporary example of “eco-art” using recycled materials.

This exhibition structure will both demonstrate the historical sweep of WSG work in the past twenty-five years, and connect it with the concurrent Latin American avant-garde.

This exhibition is open to Washington Sculptors Group members but persons who are not members may join by submitting a membership form and annual membership fee of $45.

Applications are being processed through the web-based organization "CallForEntry.Org." (There is no login or entry fee.)


Artists must use the CaFÉ web services ( to enter their artworks for “Bilateral Engagement”. If you are a current WSG member no payment is required.

An artist statement is required with all entries and is limited to 1 (one) paragraph per artist only.

Sculptures and mixed media sculptural installations: artists may enter from 1-3 works, up to 2 digital images per artwork, a maximum of 6 images per artist.

Video and New Media installation: All video and new media installation artists are required to enter still images for their artworks. Video and new media artists may enter 1-3 works, maximum of 2 digital images per work, and a maximum of 6 images per artist. Upload still images on the CaFÉ web site (

OAS will insure work during exhibition dates not during transport to or from the exhibition.

Juror: Laura Roulet, independent curator and writer, specializing in contemporary and Latin American art. She is the mentoring curator this year for the DCAC Curatorial Initiative.

Visit the website for complete details: