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Feltrosa 2010: The climate is changing!

Deadline: 1 November 2009 (POSTMARK)

Feltrosa 2010: The climate is changing!

Coordinamento Tessitori &
International Feltmakers Association &
Filz Netz Werk &
Fondazione Museo del Tessuto
Prato, Italy
7th May until 7th July 2010

Coordinamento Tessitori, in collaboration with International Feltmakers Association, Filz Netz Werk and Fondazione Museo del Tessuto is organizing a juried traveling exhibition of felt textile art on the impact of human actions on the environment. The exhibition is the result of collaboration between the three European organizations that are dedicated to the promotion of the art of felt, in order to create opportunities and opportunities for interaction and cultural exchange.

Felters and textile artists are invited to take part by submitting entries for consideration by the selection panel. The exhibition is open to both individual artists and groups, but all artists must be members, or agree to become members for the duration of the exhibition tour, of one of the three organizations collaborating on the exhibition

The exhibition will be shown in different locations in Europe during 2010 & 2011, a catalogue will be printed in three languages, illustrated in colour.

• The work must address the artist’s response to climate change; either in terms of the impact on the artist’s local environment or on a national or international level. It may be influenced by natural or man made changes to the environment.

• Each entrant may submit up to 2 works which have not been shown either through an exhibition or a publication before.

• The work will be selected anonymously, so must not bear the artist’s signature or other signs to identify it to the selection panel as being by that artist.

• The work must be made by hand, personally by the artist (or the artists who are submitting the work as a group work ), and after 31.12. 2008. The work must be original and be predominantly made using the technique of felt crafts. Work done during courses or under the guidance of teachers is not allowed.

• Every hand made felting technique is accepted, and the use of recycled materials and the inclusion of found objects is encouraged. It can be enriched by other textile techniques, installation and mixed media.

• The artist must submit two photographs, one of the whole piece and one a detail.

• Dimensions: the submitted work can be any size but the container by which the work will be transported, if it is selected for the exhibition, must not exceed one meter (1 m) in each side and must not weigh more than 10kg in total (work and container). In addition, the container must have clear instructions as to how the work should be packed and displayed.

• Two-dimensional works intended for wall hanging must have hanging devices attached. Work intended for freestanding display must be supplied with any rods or devices necessary for its display, otherwise the organisers will not take responsibility for the incorrect display of the work. Artists can include photos or drawings to document the mode of display.

A participation fee of 25,00 Euro will be levied per artist after having been selected.

The works will be insured at the discretion of the galleries hosting the exhibition and will not be insured during transport: the artists who so desire will insure their work independently.

A brochure in three languages (Italian, English, German) will be printed. Artists can buy it at reduced prices. Artists will give permission for their photos to be used by the organisers free of charge for press & promotional purposes and for use within the catalogue.

The work will be selected by a panel of qualified experts and art critics. The panel’s decision is final and will be based on the vision of works by projecting digital photos sent by the artists and compared with samples material attached.

The panel will not consider works that do not conform to this call for entries. If a selected work arriving for hanging is found to be significantly different from the photos and sample submitted for selection then it may be rejected from the exhibition.

The submission dossier containing photos, short CV and the completed and signed forms must be sent to the representative of the associations to which the artist belongs or intends to join by November 1, 2009 (postmarked). The name and address of each representative is given below.

The notification of the jury’s decision will be sent by mid-December 2009.

Selected artists will be informed of the dates by when work must be sent to the Prato Textile Museum.

Selected artists will be required to sign and return an artists’exhibition agreement.

Coordinamento Tessitori C.P. 543, Fi Centro, I-50123 Firenze, Italia

Filz-netzwerk e. V. c/o Sigrid Bannier, Burgweg 20, D-66871 Albessen, Germany

International Feltmakers Association Lesley Bossine, 15 Garrick’s Ait, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2EW, United Kingdom

For more information please contact Lesley Bossine on

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For the exact competition rules see the websites of the German and Italian organisers: