Friday, May 15, 2009

27th Annual Asheville Quilt Show

Deadline: July 1, 2009 (POSTMARK)

27th Annual Asheville Quilt Show

The Asheville Quilt Guild
The North Carolina Arboretum
Asheville, North Carolina
August 7- 9, 2009

Theme “Carolina Blues”

Quilt Show Rules (truncated)
  • Any group or individual is eligible to enter. All entrants receive a free pass to the quilt show.
  • Entries for judging must have been completed after 1/1/07 and not previously entered in the Asheville Quilt Show.
  • Entry limited to one (1) entry per category and two (2) categories per person with the exception of category 13. This includes “Exhibit Only”. The Quilt Show committee reserves the right to change the category of your quilt up until it is judged.
  • Entry fee is $10 per quilt. Exception: Current members of the AQG and Young Designer entrants, no fee.
  • Entry must have three (3) layers (top, batting, and backing) with the exception of category 15.
  • Entry must be quilted, not tied, with the following exceptions: Young Designer category and Crazy Quilts.
  • • If you wish to sell your quilt during the Show, please state sale price. AQG charges a 20% commission and will handle the sale.
  • All entries may be considered for the Theme Award. The 2009 theme is “Carolina Blues”.

1. Pieced, Large
2. Pieced, Small
3. Appliqué/Mixed, Large
4. Appliqué/Mixed, Small

5. Pieced, Large
6. Pieced, Small
7. Appliqué/Mixed, Large
8. Appliqué/Mixed, Small

9. Art Quilt - quilts created using quilt making techniques displaying an original nontraditional design and/or materials, with fabric as the primary medium.
10. Miniature - all aspects of the quilt are in reduced scale. Must not exceed 24” on any side. If the quilt is composed of blocks, they must not exceed 4”.
11. Group or Team - excludes paid service.
12. Juvenile - quilt made for a child.
13. Quilting Service - paid service ineligible for Best of Show or Best Machine or Hand Workmanship. Show Committee reserves the right to limit entries in this category if limited space is an issue.
14. Young Designer - 16 and under in age.
15. Wearable Art
16. Exhibit Only - quilt will hang in the show but will not be judged.

More than $6,000 in Prize Money

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Download the entry form: [pdf]