Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 Fish Follies

Deadline: April 25, 2009 (POSTMARK)

2009 Fish Follies

The Cordova Historical Society and Museum
Cordova, AK
June 3-Aug 27 , 2009

The Cordova Historical Museum welcomes the annual return of the Copper River wild salmon with a celebration of art by hosting a juried national art show entitled Fish Follies.

Commercial fishing has been a way of life in Cordova for over one hundred years. The Copper River Delta and Prince William Sound are home to five species of wild salmon and an abundance of marine life. Fishing and tourism are the main industries in this picturesque community.

Fish Follies is open to all artists 18+ working in all media. Our theme is anything fishy! Oceans, water, fishing, or seafood related.

• No one dimension shall exceed 72 inches nor exceed 50 lbs.
• All work must have been executed in 2007, 2008 or 2009.
• All works submitted must be for sale. No work shall have been previously exhibited at the Cordova Museum.

Entry Procedures:

• A maximum of two works may be entered per artist.
• Two images per work may be submitted.
• We accept digital images via CD or email, (300 dpi, 8”x10”, jpegs only, under 1MB) or professional
quality slides.

A $25.00 processing fee payable in U.S. dollars must accompany the entry form.

Museum Responsibilities:
• The Museum will cover return shipping costs.
• The Museum pays all costs associated with wall-to-wall fine arts insurance.
• The Museum provides opening reception, jurors talk and all publicity.
• Cordova Museum retains 30% of sale price on pieces sold.

Application available for download here:

For More Information:
Fish Follies
P.O. Box 391
622 First Street
Cordova, AK 99574
Phone: 907-424-6665
Fax: 907-424-6666