Monday, February 16, 2009

International Hats Art Competition 2009

Deadline: March 6, 2009 (RECEIVE) & (HAND DELIVERY)

International Hats Art Competition 2009

Chazelles-sur-Lyon – France
May 31, 2009 to october 4, 2009 &
Other venues after initial exhibit

Eligibility: Hobbyists and professional milliners, hat designers and makers are eligible to participate. No age limit.

Theme: "Variable Geometry"
Understood in the widest sense, it refers to any creation flexible in its shape or its function.

Hat Selection Criteria:
• The head size must be 57 cm diameter (22.5 inches) (fitting the jury members).
• According to Chazelles-sur-Lyon hat making tradition, FELT will have to be part of the design.
• Each designer will make sure that his/her creation is easy to wear (size, proportion, balance, comfort, etc...) in the spirit of an "everyday" or "event" product rather than an art creation. The main guideline for the designer will be:
“event” product rather than an artistic creation.
• Neither outside nor inside label showing the maker's identification will be permitted.

Prizes: The jury will award 10 prizes.

Panel of Judges: The panel of judges will include different well-known figures from the fashion and hat world.

Registration Fees:
• 10 euros for French participants
• 20 euros for members of the European Union (except Norway) and Overseas French.
• 28 euros for participants from Norway, Canada, the United States, the Near, Middle and Far East, Australia, New Zealand, African and Asian Countries

Regulation and Entry form in English
Regulation Contest 2009
Entry Form Contest 2009

Règlement et inscription en Français
Règlement Concours 2009
Bulletin de participation 2009

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International Hats Art Competition 2009
Atelier-Musée du Chapeau
16 route de St-Galmier
42140 Chazelles-sur-Lyon - France