Friday, February 27, 2009

2009 Edinburgh Art Festival

Deadline: 2 March 2009 at 5pm (RECEIVE)

2009 Edinburgh Art Festival

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh Art Festival showcases the very best in Scottish, British and International visual art in Edinburgh during the August festivals. The Festival works in partnership with organisations and individuals committed to the presentation and communication of visual art of the highest quality, and celebrates their work through a selected programme of exhibitions and events within the festival framework.

Edinburgh Art Festival is unlike other visual art festivals in that it does not commission its exhibition programme. Instead it encourages the development of a broad range of ambitious, high quality, visual art initiatives through a process of open invitation followed by rigorous selection.

In the spring of each Festival year visual art practitioners, curators and organisations are invited to propose exhibitions and events characterised by a belief in art as inspirational and enlightening; an understanding of the needs of audiences in accessing such art; and an approach to the presentation and interpretation of work that best brings art and audiences together. In addition to promoting and celebrating the work of resident exhibiting organisations in the city of Edinburgh the Festival encourages additional projects conceived specifically for the Festival, from elsewhere.

The Festival recognises artists at every stage of their career and seeks to promote and celebrate a wide range of visual art from the historical to the contemporary.

The Edinburgh Art Festival targets both new and existing audiences, seeking to attract national and international art audiences, national and international cultural tourists, and Edinburgh and Scottish residents.

Participation in the Edinburgh Art Festival is free of charge.

Exhibitions should fall into one or more of the following categories; sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, sound, experimental film, live art, installation, contextual practice, artists’ video and new media. Work that pushes the boundaries of definition, creates links between these categories and other art forms or utilises emerging technologies is equally welcome.

Proposals which encourage collaboration across the sector or collaboration between Edinburgh based individuals/organisations and their counterparts from elsewhere are particularly encouraged.

Import Information

• Proposals are invited for exhibitions and events that meet the Festival criteria.

• Participation in the Edinburgh Art Festival is FREE. There is no charge for the services which EAF provide in the promotion of your exhibition/event.

• Edinburgh Art Festival does not offer participants financial support of any kind.

• Participants in the Edinburgh Art Festival are solely responsible for providing a host venue for their exhibition/event and we encourage applicants to ensure venues are secured before making this application.

Please email all completed proposal forms to or post to 2009 Proposal, Edinburgh Art Festival, PO BOX 23823, Edinburgh, EH1 1NT.

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Proposal Guidelines and Application:

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