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Wild Fibers Magazine

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Wild Fibers Magazine

Rockland, Maine
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Wild Fibers magazine is intended for people interested in all aspects of the exotic fiber industry, from the animal to the finished product. We are interested in articles that increase understanding of fiber breeds, assist in raising and caring for fiber animals, share and improve farming techniques, develop new or broaden existing markets, and otherwise increase communication between farmers of different fiber breeds.

We also look for articles on weaving, spinning, dyeing, felting and other methods that help develop a final fiber product. Articles that show uses for less desirable fibers (such as guard hair) are especially welcome. Patterns and designs, including the addition of beads or other decoration can be submitted. We encourage articles that will offer proven ideas for marketing fiber products.

Also welcome are notices of fiber events in your area. (Please keep in mind that we publish quarterly and may need 4-6 months' notice.)

We like to give an honest, practical look at the fiber industry, its potential and its challenges.


Articles should be typed, double-spaced and between 350-1200 words. If you intend to write a longer article, please contact an editor first. We reserve the right to edit for length, clarity and style. With each submission, please include the author's name, phone number, mailing address, email address (if available) and a bibliography (if applicable). Please make sure names and places have been accurately spelled. Also, please include a brief biography of the author.

Deadlines and Details:

Wild Fibers is published quarterly. All submissions, including artwork, must be sent no less than 30 days before publishing.

We enjoy articles that:

  1. Present new ideas, or new ways of looking at old ideas. Have you learned a new method of shearing? Found a unique way or training your llamas? Can your information help fiber producers to improve their yield? Do you have new ideas for using your fiber?

  2. Apply to many different farmers. We have chosen to encompass all exotic fiber species. While we do publish articles that focus on a particular breed or species, we also like articles that apply to all fiber animals. Our readers may have many animals, a few, or only a dream. We like to write for them all.

  3. Are focused. Please don't try to write the entire history of fiber production. Choose a few important issues and stick to them. We can always follow up on an interesting subject in another article or issue.

  4. Are based on experience and/or credible sources. If it doesn't work - or might not work - please write about something that does, or what you learned from your mistakes.

  5. Have a purpose. Your purpose might be entertainment. In which case, laughter is the goal. But if you intend to educate or illuminate on a subject, please provide accurate information. Include quotes and examples, especially if they will enhance the credibility of your article.

  6. Are founded in love, hope and enthusiasm. Though we do not want to give a false sense of the present or future of the American fiber industry, we are involved because we love it. Let your passion and enthusiasm shine through. If you have experienced heartbreak and have come through it, show us how!
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