Saturday, January 17, 2009

Selling Yarns 2: Innovation for Sustainability

Registration Deadline: 23 January 2009 (RECEIVE)

Selling Yarns 2: Innovation for sustainability

Presented by The Australian National University,
Craft Australia and the National Museum of Australia
Venue: National Museum of Australia, Canberra
6 - 9 March, 2009

The conference will be held in association with the exhibition ReCoil, Change & Exchange in Coiled Fibre Art, curated by Margie West

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Selling Yarns 2: Innovation for sustainability is a conference and workshop program that addresses contemporary Indigenous craft and design practice. It follows the success of the first conference, Selling Yarns: Australian Indigenous textiles and good business in the 21st century, held in Darwin in 2006 that looked specifically at Indigenous textiles practices.

Selling Yarns 2: Innovation for sustainability will be held at the National Museum of Australia in March, 2009 during International Women's Day. It will expand on the themes of the first conference and focus on innovative Indigenous craft and design practices, the relevance of mentorship, networking and skills development. Importantly the artistic work and experiences of Indigenous urban artists from the south east region will be paralleled with those of top end and non-Indigenous artists.

The aim of this conference is to demonstrate that through cultural practice a dialogue can be had that draws all interested parties together for the benefit of a rich and sustainable Indigenous culture.

In addition to the conference a series of practical workshops will be presented for the delegates and the general public that address artistic professional development and traditional craft techniques. These programs are complimented by an Indigenous craft·design mart that will be held on the lawns of the Museum and is open for the general public with all proceeds going to the artists.

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