Monday, January 26, 2009

Environmental Art Market/Original Arts and Crafts

Deadline: February 14, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Down to Earth/Environmental Art Market
Original Arts and Crafts

An Earth Day Celebration
Shelby Farms Park
Memphis, TN
April 19, 2009

Down to Earth Celebration is a one day outdoor festival featuring environmental education and activities, entertainment and fun for the family. The festival willoffer environmental arts and crafts, face painting, pony rides, live music and entertainment, a wide variety of food and beverages, park tours and hiking.

Original Arts and Crafts

You are invited to apply for one of the exhibitor slots in our first ever Environmental Art Market during Shelby Farms Park Conservancy’s annual Down to Earth Celebration. Down to Earth is now in its third year and is quickly becoming the region’s most anticipated Earth Day celebration. Booth space at the festival is limited. The festival committee will review
submissions and mix of categories. Notification of acceptance will be made by e-mail.

Rules of the Show: Artists are required to showcase art that demonstrates a relationship with nature, informs about nature and its processes, educates about environmental problems, and/or utilizes reclaimed, recycled, or natural materials, and above all honors nature in artistic, aesthetic ways.

Original Arts and Crafts: All work must be designed and executed by the accepted artist. No more than two artists may collaborate on work. Both artists must be present at Down to Earth Celebration. Representatives may not attend in place of the artist. Artists may only show work in categories submitted and accepted.

Down to Earth Celebration will consider applications from artists working in diverse media. Each application will consist of only one of the media categories defined below. The principal objective of Environmental Art Market is to present a balanced show that will equitably showcase the artwork as well as the diversity among media.
  • Ceramics: Original clay and porcelain work other than jewelry is accepted in this category. No machine-made or mass produced work is permitted.

  • Fiber: All work crafted from fibers including basketry, embroidery, weaving, leatherwork, tapestry and papermaking. No factory produced wearable items may be exhibited.

  • Glass: No forms of mass production are permitted.

  • Jewelry: Original jewelry, whether produced from metal, glass, clay, fiber, paper, plastic or other materials, is accepted in this category. No commercial products are allowed.

  • Mixed Media: Original works, both two and three-dimensional, that incorporate more than one type of physical material to produce.

  • Painting & Drawing: Works created in oils, acrylics, watercolor, etc., and (Drawing) works created using dry media or fluid medium of inks and washes applied by pen brush. Reproductions of all kinds are prohibited.

  • Photography & Digital Art: Photographic prints made from artist’s original image or original work for which artist, using a computer, executed the original image.

  • Sculpture & Metalworks: Three-dimensional work done in any medium or (Metalworks) all non-sculptural, non-jewelry works crafted from metals. No production work is allowed.

  • Wood: Works in wood that are hand-tooled, machine-worked, turned or carved are accepted in this category.
Application Fees: Each application must be accompanied by a $15 application fee payment.

Booth Space & Fees: The booth space fee for professional artists is $200. Accepted art students will receive a reduced booth fee of $100. Shelby Farms Park Conservancy provides a 10 x 10 booth space, including an 8’ table and two chairs. Each artist is responsible for supplying his or her own tent or canopy. The tent must be 10 x 10 in size and white in color. If the artist does not supply his or her own tent, the artist must order a tent from our supplier for an additional fee of $125. If tent sides are needed, there will be an additional fee of $25 as well.

Original Arts and Crafts

For more information, visit the website for complete details or contact Margaret Cross at

Shelby Farms Park Conservancy
500 North Pine Lake Drive
Memphis, TN 38134