Monday, December 01, 2008


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Washington, DC

Contributing to the continuation of more than a century of curbside selling outside Eastern Market, the flea market WILL BE HELD EVERY SUNDAY. We are able to accommodate 175 EXHIBITORS EACH WEEK.

The flea market is located along 7th Street between Pennsylvania and N. Carolina Avenues SE, ON CAPITOL HILL. The Eastern Market Subway Station, on the Metro Orange and Blue Lines, is at 7th & Pennsylvania. The location is enhanced by a fine urban neighborhood. It is A FUN PLACE TO SELL.

While we continue to emphasize antiques, arts, collectibles, crafts and imports in advertising, other merchandise is eligible.

No vendor's license is required. However, exhibitors are required to collect and pay appropriate sales taxes to the DC government.

Five space sizes are available:

SINGLE TABLE SPACES, approximately 8 feet wide by 4 feet deep (Eastern Market side of Seventh Street only) $25, the minimum fee.

HALF SPACES (Eastern Market only) will take two six-foot tables, $35.

SINGLE SPACES, at least 4 six-foot tables, about 100 square feet, $50.

DOUBLE SPACES, about 200 square feet, (Hine School only) $80.

SUPER SPACES (Hine School only) are larger than doubles, with the rental being $30 more for each additional approximate 100 square feet.

PREPAYMENT IS REQUIRED. The prepayment should be for one Sunday only.

Exhibitors must bring their own tables and chairs and should also be prepared to protect themselves and their merchandise from bad weather. Most available spaces are outdoors and uncovered. Many are without shade. Advertised hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Most of our exhibitors are assigned PERMANENT SPACES. This means that they do not have to wait for us to assign them a space each morning.

Generally, to maintain a permanent space, exhibitors are expected to prepay for the next Sunday, to exhibit three out of every four Sundays on average and, most importantly, to communicate with us in advance whenever they cannot attend. To request a permanent space, a minimum of one month of exhibition is required.

PLEASE CALL our DC Metro telephone #703-534-7612 or
email: for any other information.

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