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Embroiderer's Guild Annual Scholarship

Deadline: 9 February 2009 (RECEIVE)

Embroiderer's Guild Annual Scholarship

April 2009 – March 2010

Two Embroiderers' Guild Scholarships of £1000 each are awarded annually to embroiderers to develop the practice of embroidery. One Scholarship is for embroiderers in the age category of 18 to 30 years inclusive, and one Scholarship is for embroiderers over 30 years of age.

The Guild defines embroidery as being all work stitched or derived from stitch. All applicants should have studied the practice of embroidery or stitched textiles through formal or informal learning.

The Scholarships are to support embroiderers to undertake projects which further their own embroidery practice.

Criteria for selection
• The Scholarships are for embroiderers who have studied the practice of embroidery or stitched textiles through formal or informal learning.
• Selection will be based equally on an applicants ability as an embroiderer (6 images on a CD ) and the quality of the Scholarship project proposal.
• The specific Scholarship use must be given
• Selection will be based on how the applicant intends to use the Scholarship; it must be shown how the project proposal will further the applicant's own embroidery practice.
• The project proposal must be in line with the aim of the Scholarship. Ineligible proposals will make the application void.
• The application must include a timetable, action plan and a breakdown of costs for the Scholarship project proposal.

The Scholars' year
The successful applicants will be invited to provide illustrations and text for features in Guild publications, which may include EMBROIDERY, STITCH with the Embroiderers' Guild and CONTACT, the Guild newsletter.

Working with the Embroiderers' Guild during the Scholarship year, from April 2009 – March 2010, provides each Scholar with opportunities to be introduced to the Guild's network of Members,Branches and practicing professionals. Scholars will be expected to exhibit their work at the Guild's Annual General Meeting, and with the Guild at The Knitting and Stitching Shows. Scholars may be asked to participate in additional Guild events to promote the Guild and the Guild Scholarships.

In addition to the £1,000 Scholarship, the Guild holds funds to enable Scholars to participate in the Guild's programme of events and exhibitions. Opportunities to promote their work in conjunction with these activities will be discussed soon after selection.

At the end of the Scholarship year the Scholars will be required to submit an evaluation of their year as a Guild Scholar as well as a progress report on the use of their Scholarship to date. The report should include information on action taken to implement the Scholarship project proposal and an account of how they have spent the £1000. This report should be ready to present with the Scholars display of work at the Guild’s AGM in April 2010.

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