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Ann Arbor Street Art Fair

Deadline: JANUARY 15, 2009 by 12:00 MT (ONLINE)

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair

University of Michigan
July 15-18, 2009

The mission of the non-profit Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original is to increase public knowledge and appreciation for contemporary fine arts and fine crafts by creating opportunities that connect artists, the Ann Arbor community, and the general public, to their mutual benefit, culminating in a top quality juried street art fair.

The 50th annual Fair will take place July 15-18, 2009 on the Ingalls Mall Lawn by the Burton Memorial Tower, North University, and the Diag on the Central Campus at the University of Michigan. The Fair will feature 174 juried artists, eight New Artists from local universities and colleges, the Potters Guild and an array of free art activities and performances for the whole family to enjoy.

Before applying please make sure your work meets the following criteria.

  1. All work must be original, handcrafted work. One of a kind work is preferred and encouraged.

  2. No commercial reproductions or embellished commercial products are allowed.

  3. If you produce work in editions, you must disclose edition numbers to the Fair audience and include in your work descriptions.

  4. Artists may only show work in categories approved by the Jury. All work exhibited must be of the quality and type of that shown in the images juried.

  5. Artists must prominently display an Artist Statement, with the artist’s picture, describing how and by whom the work is made and the materials used to make the work.

  6. Artists must be present with their work for the entire four days of the Fair. If the work is collaborative, each collaborator must be present.
  7. All work must be for sale.

  8. Artists may not show in other fairs, exhibitions or events in Ann Arbor taking place at the same time as the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair.

Openings for new artists are available in every media each year. The 2009 Fair will be comprised of approximately 175 spaces for artists. Seventy-two artists have been re-invited through high scores from the on-site jury, awards, peer jurying, sabbatical and the featured artist program. More than 100 artists will be invited from the ZAPPlication™ jury process in January with an additional group of artists selected for a waitlist.

Application Fees: $30 Jury Fee (non-refundable per application). A separate application and fee is required for each category (one per category, three category limit, substantially different work required for each category)

Booth Fees: Booth fees will be due in mid-March
  • Tented Spaces: $625: 10' wide x 20' deep under large commercial tents provided by AASAF.

  • Artist’s Own White Canopy: $625: 10' deep x 12' wide space.

  • Open Air Space: $625: 10' x 20' space without canopy or walls. Work and artist must be able to withstand the elements.

  • Corner Space: additional $100: Assigned upon request, if available.
If you have questions about the application process contact us at production@artfair.org.

The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original uses ZAPPlication, an online application and digital jurying process. If you would like to begin the application process, you can register now, review the technical requirements, and establish an artist profile at http://www.zapplication.org/.

For more information on the Fair and jury process, please review the 2009 Prospectus.

Visit the website for complete details: artfair.org