Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rockport Publishers and Quarry Books

Deadline: Ongoing/Unspecified

Rockport Publishers and Quarry Books

Book Proposal Guidelines

Rockport Publishers and Quarry Books publish instructional books in a range of categories: Design Crafts and General Reference. We’re pleased to look over your book query, and if your book idea fits into our focus areas we will contact you for more details. Please familiarize yourself with our books to ensure your material is appropriate.

Book queries are usually around five pages, and need to contain the following information:

  1. A paragraph introducing yourself (the author/designer). This will include:
     Background information explaining your qualifications for writing a book on the subject
     Information on any published book(s) you have authored
     Information about the publisher, publication date, and the sales figures for each book

  2. A paragraph offering an overview of the proposed idea/concept. This will include:
     The book’s subject matter
     The audience
     The competition
     What elements of this book will make it stand out in the market

  3. A book outline or table of contents. This will include:
     An approximate number of chapters, the number of projects to be featured, etc.
     A sentence or two that describes the material planned for each chapter or project listed in the table of contents.

  4. Your ideas for the type of visual materials to accompany the text and whether you will provide them.
     Charts or other support material

  5. Also include brief marketability information. This will include:
     The main competition for the book
     The audience for the book (e.g.: craftpersons, handwork aficionados, home improvement do-it-yourself-ers, outdoor enthusiasts, pet owners, etc.)

Send Proposal by Postal Mail to:
Rockport Publishers
100 Cumming Center / 406-L
Beverly Massachusetts 01915
Attention Editor

Send Proposal by Email
State in the subject window: BOOK PROPOSAL
Address your email to

Visit website for additional details or to download these guidelines: