Sunday, November 16, 2008

Popknits Article Submissions

Deadline: (Ongoing)

Winter Issue – October 1 for Final Articles
Spring Issue – January 1 for Final Articles
Summer Issue – April 1 for Final Articles


Stephanie J Pajonas
Editor and Owner, Popknits LLC
Article Submission Guidelines

Have a favorite vintage knitting technique that you’re itching to share? Want to bring new exposure to a fabulous designer who specializes in retro knits? Have a local knitting community with a unique history?

Then you should submit an article to Popknits! We’re looking for fun, interesting and fresh stories about all things related to the history of knitting or vintage-inspired. Below, you’ll find our guidelines for submitting pieces to Popknits.

Deadlines for Future Issues
Popknits plans to feature 6 to 8 new patterns each issue. If you have an idea for a pattern and would like to run it by us ahead of time, we’d be more than willing to consider your proposal. Proposals will be responded to within 2 weeks.

Popknits is looking for a wide variety of articles related to knitting vintage and retro-inspired items, knitting history, and the modernization of knitting. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few of the article types that we want to see:

knitters to know (profiles of people involved with knitting, such as designers, bloggers, LYS owners, etc.)
in your town (articles about knitting in your city)
field trip (take us on a tour!)
opinions or commentary (tell us what you think)
reviews (knitting books, patterns sites, stores, yarns, notions, etc.)
personal stories (mini-memoirs, etc.)

Do you have an idea for a type of article not included here? Submit your idea to us along with your article.

Submissions should be from 1000 to 2500 words in length. Files should be submitted in Microsoft Word format or as text-only documents. Note that Popknits will edit your article for clarity, format and length.

Photos and Video
Please provide visual aids! Your article will have a better chance of being picked for an issue if you can provide us with photos or videos to illustrate your content.

Popknits accepts videos only from active YouTube or Vimeo accounts. All videos will be screened for clarity and should contain G-rated appropriate behavior.

All Popknits articles are published under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0. This license makes it possible to syndicate your work but not for it to be plagiarized.

It’s important to note two things:

The license explicitly forbids using the article for commercial use unless otherwise stated by the author of the pattern.
The license discourages derivative works.
If you do not wish your article to be published in this manner, please do not submit your article to Popknits.

All Popknits articles will be available in excerpt format through our RSS feed.

In order for your article to be accepted by Popknits for publication, you will be required to submit a copyright declaration stating that your article is an original work. You can download a copy of the declaration here.

At this time, Popknits is able to pay a US$35 honorarium to authors who are published on our site.

Visit website for complete article submission guidelines: