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Play on Words: Cloth Paper Scissors Challenge

Deadlline: January 26, 2009 (RECEIVE) & (EMAIL)

Play on Words: Cloth Paper Scissors Challenge

Join us as we celebrate all things linguistic. Go ahead: Collage a cliché, paint a paradox, or quilt a quote. Make a mixed-media piece inspired by a metaphor, an idiom, a simile. Or, you could celebrate a special someone who likes to play with words—whether it be Shakespeare or your MadLibs®-addicted son. Perhaps playing with words brings back a special memory of yesteryear: of spelling bees, primers, and blue books.

Your piece of art may be two- or three-dimensional; it may be one piece, such as an altered book, art quilt, or collage, or several pieces, like a triptych.
Your piece could represent one word, a quote, or a scene inspired by words.
Your artwork does not have to have a specific holiday theme, but motifs or colors that evoke thoughts and feelings related to spring, gardening, books, Mother's Day, or Father's Day are encouraged.

Here are the rules:

Make a mixed-media piece of art that is a play on words.

Your entry must be free of any text or images that are protected by copyright unless you have the expressed written permission from the person or institution that holds the copyright and you provide that written permission with your submission.

To be considered for the challenge, email two low-res images of the piece (one of the entire piece and one detail) by January 26, 2009, to, with the words "Play on Words" in the subject line. In the body of the email please write a short narrative explaining the inspiration for your piece as well as materials used.

You will be notified by email on February 2, 2009, if your piece has been selected. We will also post the names of "winners" on the Editor's blog.
Note: If accepted, your artwork must be in our offices no later than February 16, 2009.

The entire piece and all of its packaging must weigh less than 5 lbs., and fit into a standard shipping/ mailing box or padded envelope.

If you have questions about the "Play on Words" Challenge, please contact Barbara Delaney at

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