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15th ETN Conference

Deadline: mid-January until 15 June 2009 (RECEIVE) & (Online)

15th ETN Conference

Haslach/Upper Austria
21st to 24th of July 2009

The theme: Cultural Revival of Old Textile Centres – New educational challenges

Organiser: ETN together with the association Haslach Textile Culture ( and the Department of Textile/Art & Design of the Linz Art University (


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Ten years of endeavour by the municipality of Haslach, the state of Upper Austria and the European Union to revive a factory complex will be concluded in 2009, when a new Textile Centre opens in the former Vonwiller weaving mill that once employed more than 2,000 people.

The future cultural centre will include a textile museum, a wool processing workshop, and will also house Haslach Textile Culture, an association that organises major textile gatherings annually, offering courses, exhibitions, symposia, and a weavers’ market.

Actions to be discussed and finalised include the following:

  • Exchange of information and experiences

  • Exchange of specialists, such as artists, designers, craftspeople, lecturers, course instructors, scientists, museum curators, event organisers, tour operators, etc.

  • Conception and implementation of (touring) exhibitions, decentralised courses, and other events.

  • Joint advertising of network activities, for instance to increase the number of participants/visitors to the centres and textile tourist destinations in the respective regions.

It is planned that speakers attending the Haslach event on 23rd July 2009 will briefly introduce their institution(s) and outline feasible options for cooperative ventures. Of course there will also be time to discuss the other themes of interest for the European Textile Network. under the motto of 'Networking' there is time enough on the 23rd and 24th of July!

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