Friday, August 01, 2008

Corban Estate Arts Centre

Deadline: Thursday 31 December 2009 (RECEIVE)

Corban Estate Arts Centre

Henderson - Waitakere City
New Zealand

Call For Exhibition & Event Proposals

We are now accepting submissions for exhibitions and events for the end of 2008 through to December 2009. The gallery’s exhibition programme aims to reach a broad and diverse audience. It seeks to achieve this objective through stylistically diverse, technically skilful, creative and challenging work that encourages discourse and debate. Exhibition proposals are sought from practitioners of any artistic discipline, as individuals or groups, by artists on their own or together with curators. Please send 2-3 pages outlining your proposed exhibition, the participating artists, a description of the work to be presented, and a CV or brief bio for each person involved. Also include examples of your recent work or work you intend to exhibit (images via email or on CD preferred).

Please direct all enquiries to the Curator, Lisa Rogers or (09) 838 4455 x 203

Shows coming up that we will consider submissions for:

• Are you graduating at the end of 2008? We are looking for Waitakere based or bred artists for our annual Recent Graduates exhibition held December 08 – January 09

• Annual Affordable Art show – AAA - Held in November 08 – We invite in submissions of triptychs in any medium – painting, sculpture, photography, multimedia…. The works must be available for sale as a set or individually, there is no size limit but the works must be $400 or under (for a set) or $150 each.

Corban Estate Arts Centre
426 Great North Rd
PO BOX 21 526
Ph 09 838 4455
Fax 09 838 4488