Saturday, August 16, 2008

Art Studio Clearance Sale 2009

Deadline: October 3, 2008 (RECEIVE)

Art Studio Clearance Sale 2009

Ohio Designer Craftsmen
Ohio Expo Center (Ohio State Fairgrounds)
Jan. 24–25, 2009

Ohio Designer Craftsmen is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting fine crafts for 45 years. The goals of its fairs, exhibitions, education programs and publications are to establish a standard of excellence in craft, encourage creative growth, provide professional support to craftspeople, and build public awareness, appreciation and collection of fine craft.

The 2008 Art Studio Clearance Sale was the biggest in the Columbus show’s 12-year history!

Attendance increased an incredible 21%, capping off four years of steady growth. To accommodate more parking for our growing audience, the Art Studio Clearance Sale will be moving to a slightly larger venue at the Ohio Expo Center (State Fairgrounds) in 2009. Past exhibitors will be pleased that with the new location there will be no increase in booth fees or admission price. New exhibitors will discover the fun of this easy and informal show, with no fancy booth set-up required, “blue-light specials” throughout the day, and creative sales gimmicks encouraged! The show is a great way to reduce inventory, overstock and slightly imperfect seconds and generate income during the “off ” season for Midwest fairs.

Artist Eligibility/Show Policies
• Artist must be present on each day of the show.
• Work must be of original concept, design and execution; no kits, commercial molds, etc.
• Work must be handmade, meaning that a human being is intimately involved in making each piece.
• Only the work of individual or collaborating artists may be shown and sold. Collaborating artists may show only their joint work.
• Slides or digital images submitted for jurying must be representative of the majority of work to be exhibited and sold in terms of both quality and price range. Jurors use booth slides or images to judge the overall appearance and make-up of your display. Studios where the applicant artist designs the work and creates it along with assistants qualify if:
• The studio has no more than six (6) full-time (or the equivalent part-time) assistants (not including non-artist employees such as offi ce help).
• The studio adheres to the above outlined stipulations regarding the actual production of work. If you are not sure whether your work qualifi es, please call for clarification.

ODC is committed to presenting shows featuring artists and work as outlined above. Violators will be required to remove the items in question from their display, and risk expulsion from the fair and loss of their booth fees.

The application fee is $20 per fair, per medium entered. Anyone can apply to ODC shows; however, members receive a 2 point bonus on jury scores and only members may actually exhibit.
Annual membership is $35 for an individual, $45 for joint, and may be paid after acceptance, along with booth fee. Membership application forms are available on our website Booth fees vary by fair.

Acceptance/decline letters will be mailed by October 20, 2008 for Art Studio Clearance Sale.

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