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Deadline: April 10, 2009 (POSTMARK)


France Patchwork
2009 -2010

ARTEXTURES organizes the fifth competition of contemporary textile art.
The contest is open to international textile artists. It allows, through the creation, to find among the diverse inspirations and techniques, a few movements that animate the world of art today.

This 5th edition will have two awards outstanding and prestigious:
-- The association France Patchwork will be delighted to award France Patchwork, amounting to one thousand euros (1,000 €);
-- Pierre Souchaud, director of publishing and writing magazine Artension, will select the second prize.

The winning work will be published in the magazine Art Artension.

The selection of the contest will be exposed during the years 2009 -2010 in different locations in France.

This contest is open to all member (s) in France Patchwork. For non-member (s), the amount of joining France Patchwork will be due if the work is selected by the jury (this includes insurance underwriting of the work).


ARTEXTURES wants to promote development, innovation of the living world of textile art. The renewal creativity is encouraged, as well as exploring new territories.

Copies and the creation of models of other people are not allowed. The same is true for creations carried out under workshop.

The creation will be achieved from: fabrics, embroidery, plissages, plants woven feutrines, fibres, plastics, flexible materials…

Participation in the competition implies that the work is not more than a year, was never presented to the public at all exhibitions, demonstrations or on a website or published in a catalogue, a book or magazine .

The work selected will remain available to ARTEXTURES throughout the exhibitions and will be returned to its creator after 31 December 2010.

Each participant (e) the opportunity to present two works at maximum (please use a separate form for each work).

The creations dimensions: a perimeter minimum of 2.60 m. The maximum is 2.20 m in height, and 1.60 m in width (the possibility of including a series in these dimensions).

A sleeve must be achieved on the back of creation. It will be 8 cm in height and must be less than 5 cm wide on each side compared to the total width of the work.
Otherwise, the work will have its own suspension system.

It also allowed, the creations in 3 dimensions, which may be presented standing or hanging in a room.

The works are carried out by France Patchwork upon their arrival, for all their travel and until their return for any (e) member (e) a day of its contributions.
During exhibitions, the works are supported by museums or organizers of demonstrations.

The works will be selected by a jury of at least five people from the world of arts and textiles. The jury deliberates on the basis of the application which was submitted. The selection will be made only on photos.
The jury's decisions are not debatable.
It reserves, furthermore, the right to exclude on the basis of originals presented creations that are not exactly conform to the photos provided, or do not fulfil the conditions for participation.

A catalogue will be published at the end of this competition and will be offered to selected artists.
With the submission of photos, the participant (e) gives its consent for their use in the press and broadcasting on the Internet.

Download the application: http://www.francepatchwork.com/actualites/concours/conc_artextures09_1.doc

Download rules: http://www.francepatchwork.com/actualites/concours/conc_artextures09_2.doc

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