Monday, April 14, 2008

The Journal of Modern Craft

Deadline: Ongoing

The Journal of Modern Craft
Edited by:
Glenn Adamson, Victoria & Albert Museum, UK
Edward S. Cooke, Jr., Yale University, USA
Tanya Harrod, Royal College of Art, UK

Frequency: 3 times per year starting in March 2008

The Journal of Modern Craft is the first peer-reviewed academic journal to provide an interdisciplinary and international forum in its subject area. It addresses all forms of making that self-consciously set themselves apart from mass production—whether in the making of designed objects, artworks, buildings, or other artefacts.

The journal covers craft in all its historical and contemporary manifestations. It starts in the mid-nineteenth-century, when handwork was first consciously framed in opposition to industrialization, through to the present time, when ideas once confined to the ‘applied arts’ have come to seem vital across a huge range of cultural activities. Special emphasis is placed on studio practice, and on the transformations of indigenous forms of craft activity throughout the world.

The journal also reviews and analyses the relevance of craft within new media, folk art, architecture, design, contemporary art, and other fields.

The Journal of Modern Craft is the main scholarly voice on the subject of craft, conceived both as an idea and as a field of practice in its own right.

The Journal of Modern Craft Submissions

1) Manuscript Submissions

Should you have an article you would like to submit, please write to Glenn Adamson at

2) Exhibition Reviews

Please contact Louise Mazantior for consideration for review in The Journal of Modern Craft.

Louise Mazanti
Denmark's Design School
Strandboulevarden 47
Copenhagen E.


3) Book Reviews

Please contact Kevin Murrayfor consideration for review in The Journal of Modern Craft.

Kevin Murray
Craft Victoria
6 Blyth Street
VIC 3056


Notes for Contributors (truncated visit website for complete details)

  • Articles should be approximately 25 pages in length and must include a three-sentence biography of the author(s) and an abstract.

  • Interviews should not exceed 15 pages and do not require an author biography.

  • Exhibition and book reviews are normally 500 to 2,000 words in length.

  • The Journal of Modern Craft invites persons wishing to organize a special issue devoted to a single topic to submit a proposal comprising a 100-word description of the topic, together with a list of potential contributors and paper subjects.

    Proposals are accepted only after review by the journal editors and in-house editorial staff at Berg.

Criteria for Evaluation
The Journal of Modern Craft is a refereed journal.

Manuscripts will be accepted only after review by both the editors and anonymous reviewers deemed competent to make professional judgments concerning the quality of the manuscript. Upon request, authors will receive reviewers’ evaluations.

Visit website for complete details and sample issue: TheJournalofModernCraft

Author Guidelines: AuthorGuidelines